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Correlation Not Causation!

Correlation Not Causation!
By Lee Hemen
April 30, 2017
It amazes me that the same dupes who totally swallow what is causing climate change and are angered if anyone dares disagree with them are ready, willing, and able to swallow a study that does not prove what they think it does concerning diet drinks.
Recently there was a study done concerning diet sodas. What you may not know is the entire facts concerning the study. When it first came out and all the networks were repeating the same thing I told my wife “something does not smell right concerning this” and I was correct. The news came out that artificially sweetened beverages may be linked to an increased risk of stroke and dementia, according to a recent study by the American Heart Association’s peer-reviewed journal Stroke. The researchers looked at 2,888 people over the age of 45 (with a median age of 62) for stroke risks and 1,484 people over the age of 60 (with a median age of 69) for risk of dementia. After adjustments were made for age, sex, education, caloric intake, diet, exercise, and smoking, they found that diet soda drinks “were associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke, all-cause dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease dementia.” (The study cites correlation rather than causation.) And this is the key phrase that every worried nanny missed: “correlation rather than causation”. What this means is that in the groups, which by the way were age specific, the studies for these groups are made up of people who would be over weight, old, and already have these problems and were drinking diet sodas or diet drinks in order to help with the problems they already have!
Unless you have forgotten there were several other recent studies that linked diet soda and cardiovascular disease and showed a correlation (if not a causation) between cancer and aspartame. However what they did not tell you is that a person would have to consume enormous quantities and would probably drown first! The beverage industry says people who are overweight and already at risk for heart disease may consume more diet drinks in an attempt to control their weight and the Food and Drug Administration has ruled that artificial sweeteners are safe. And guess what? They’ve also determined that drinking too much water is unhealthy as well! Go figure.
There has been found no direct link to diet drinks, dementia, and or Alzheimer’s disease just that people who are already at risk for these diseases drink diet drinks. That’s’ correlation and not causation.

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Who Are the Nazis of Today?

by Lee Hemen

Sadly there is little history being taught in public schools today; not who was the first President, Black History, or other such things but rather why certain things occurred and what differing groups believed and why and what resulted. A good example is the ignorance concerning Socialism, Planned Parenthood, or Nazism.

Nazism is National Socialism where the state controls every aspect of a citizen’s life from healthcare, education, retirement, to science. Everything is to benefit the state. Nazism gained power when radical crowds of organized, Nazi-funded, protestors known as Brown-shirts gained access to public meetings and disrupted them. They would shout down, chant, and bust heads if necessary. Public protests and riots were well orchestrated where protestors were trained, paid, and bused in.

Symbolism and slogans, placards and public protests became an important part of the Nazi Brown-shirt movement. Later music and public rallies were used to pump up crowds and indoctrinate the public. Anyone who stood in their way was branded as narrow-minded, uneducated, and worse racist against their own people. Eugenics, a thinly disguised way to do away with those deemed undesirable was promoted and certain groups were targeted as the reason for the economic failure. The Jews became the scapegoats and later anyone or any group that stood in their way. Popular movie stars and actors, singers, heroes of the day, the press, and even religious leaders supported Nazism. In fact the press became so enchanted and friendly that they fawningly supported its takeover as necessary. It wasn’t until later when anyone who dared disagree, was being re-educated, suddenly disappeared, or were utterly dismissed that the press realized that what they had supported was evil. Nazism was in fact an extreme minority until they gained the public square and began to control public opinion through their protests and the media.

Now if any of this sounds familiar it should. Recently we have seen well organized bused in groups of protestors, local public meetings disrupted admittedly done so by outside agitators, and the orchestration of blaming others for the failure of government. Symbolism and placards, well organized protests and the media’s culpability are seen as these groups dupe others into thinking they are the answer. The blame game is rampant and they have selected their scapegoat. They will do whatever it takes, shout down reasonable discussion, and use the media to promote their brand of National Socialism. Those who disagree will be dismissed as racist, haters, and phobic.

So, who are the Nazis of today?


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Christmas Is About Three Fathers…

Christmas Is About three Fathers…
By Pastor Lee Hemen
December 25, 2016

The other day as I was changing the diaper of my baby granddaughter it all of sudden hit me that Christmas is about so much more than a baby boy. It is about fathers as well. In fact it is about three of them that I know of. First, I cannot but wonder about the father of Mary who watched as his little pregnant daughter walked slowly down the dusty road leaving Nazareth. The trip would not be long by today’s standards but a huge undertaking for a new couple. Food, clothes, and necessities for a new baby and of course her care had to be carried. We forget people usually did not live past their 40s during this time and at a distance of about 89 miles would be a hard journey. I wonder if he looked at the night sky full of stars noticing that the one which shown brightest was in the sky near the place where his daughter journeyed to and thought about her. Was she safe? Had she given birth? Was Joseph taking care of her? Was the baby born healthy and strong? I am sure this father worried about his daughter so far away from home giving birth for the first time. Loving fathers are like that.

The second father I thought of was Joseph. Here he was a father for the first time, far from home town himself, and the only spot he could find for his pregnant wife was a stall for sheep and goats. It was comfortable at least, with some new hay for Mary to spread a cloak down. But now the baby, his baby, their baby was going to be born. I am sure growing up in a small farming community like Nazareth Joseph had watched siblings, other family members, or friends’ children being born. Certainly he watched as sheep gave birth. But now it would be his bride and his child. He could place the baby in the clean swaddling clothes they brought from Nazareth with some of the new hay in the feeding trough. I wonder as Joseph looked up at the stars shining in the night sky if he realized all the work being a father entailed? The mentoring, the training, the discipline, devotion, and the imparting of the love of God, would he be up to it all? As he looked at his little wife did he wonder at his role in being the father of the Messiah? I am sure he did and so much more because loving fathers are like that.

The third and final father I thought of was God himself. The mystery, the shear wonder, and the amazing thing God the father had decided to do since the beginning of all creation was about to occur. I stand in utter awe thinking about the fact that this was God the father’s plan all along: To come himself in the form of a human baby, born to a young Hebrew couple from a small village, in small stable on such a silent night. The birth as amazing as it truly is, is just a moment in time and fades in stature to the cruel death he would willingly face; a death that would become the sacrifice for all of our sin for those who believe and even those who do not. I wonder that as the stars danced in the sky he had created and as the young woman cried in the pains of childbirth if God the Father did not smile as his plan was being born. It makes me smile. I do not think he worried about anything at all, after all he foreordained it all. He had predetermined that on this particular night that this young couple would give birth, well, to him! He had told them both it would happen just as he knew it would and it did. As angels sang, shepherds trembled, Wisemen wandered, and mad kings plotted the plan of God the Father came together perfectly. The plans of our loving Father are like that.

Merry Christmas!

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Time for the Christian Empire to Strike Back

Time for the Christian Empire to Strike Back
By Pastor Lee Hemen
December 16, 2016

With the latest Star Wars release I thought this would be appropriate. Recently I was watching the TV show Supergirl and was assaulted by the amoral concept of lesbianism. Supergirl’s adopted sister has “discovered” herself and come out of the closet. The following few weeks I was again assaulted by the TV show NCIS New Orleans when an FBI agent discusses with her ex-partner, another female investigator, about their lesbian relationship.

Television has now seen fit to use its medium to assault us with their politically correct notion of what constitutes normal relationships. Not satisfied with their culpability in the utter break down of the morals of our society, their utter disregard for sexual relationships, marriage and family, they now want to bring their notion of what is “normal” into our living rooms. Now I know for decades they have infected their shows with homosexuality and forced us into “accepting” their perverted view of what constitutes love and marriage, but now we are to go a step further and be force-fed the notion that almost everyone we know could be either gay, lesbian, or a transsexual and this is normal.

So now I am obliged to turn off my TV, which I do, or watch hand-picked programming from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon – which I also do. And the media moguls can’t figure out why more and more of us are heading to these choices instead of watching their sewage or buying cable which is full of graphic violence and porn.

The truth is that less than 1% of the population has any proclivity in this arena but we now have to bend over backwards in being required to watch this and accept it. No actual study supports the numbers being thrown at us through TV programming. Out of the literally thousands of folks I have known over the years few were gay, lesbian, or transsexual. And this includes members of my congregation, family members and close friends. What angers me is that I now have to turn off a TV show that is supposed to be family oriented, like Supergirl, and instruct my grandson that not everyone agrees with this assessment and that it is not an accepted Christian teaching. And worse, why there are those who would accuse him of being “hateful” for having Christian values.

Now it is a good thing to teach him that Christians are to love others, but why do the vast majority of us now have to be on constant guard and instruct our children that this is not an acceptable lifestyle in our faith community and that it can be destructive, lead to drug addiction, psychological and physical problems, and that not everyone is inclined this way? I was amused when fellow believers came and asked me “Why does TV hate Christians?” after viewing a segment of Family Guy where the baby Jesus was kicked.

Over the decades, television has done some great things in instructing us about racial and sexual equality; but it is also guilty of participating in and the endorsement of the breakdown of family, marriage, and an abnormal focus on sex. We now have to suffer through family programming that bleeps out gross vulgarities because television wants the viewer to think every family uses this kind of filthy language around their children. It’s called pushing the envelope.

For the past three years I have worked at a public elementary school and have seen for myself what the breakdown of family, morals, alcohol and drug addiction has done to children. Now we are adding to the mixture the stupid notion those little children, who are easily molded psychologically, into thinking that they could be something biologically they are not. But because of our collective guilt and political correctness we will place on them the burden of our preconceived perverted sexuality. Television no longer entertains; it has become our collective politically correct thought police. It is time for Christians to push back by writing, emailing, and letting sponsors and the networks know they will not buy, watch nor use any product or show that endorses hatred towards Christians and their faith practices.
This article is copyrighted © 2016 by Lee Hemen and is the sole property of Lee Hemen, and may not be used unless you quote the entire article and have my permission.

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Gaslighting: Liberalism’s way to control the masses! Part Two

Gaslighting: Liberalism’s way to control the masses! Part Two
By Lee Hemen
May 22, 2016

Back in 1938, there was a play called “Gas Light” that was later adapted into a movie in 1944. In the story, a husband works diligently to convince his wife and their acquaintances that she is insane by making very small and subtle changes to their environment. When the wife would point out the changes, the husband convinced her that she was wrong about the changes and that she was crazy. Slowly but surely, the wife starts to give in to the self-doubt created by those subtle changes, namely a gas lamp that the husband keeps dimming, hence the term “gaslighting”.

I think we should change it to a more modern title like being “solar paneled” instead or perhaps “thermostated” in honor of President Jimmy “The Sweater Man” Carter and how he gaslighted all of us into thinking we needed to drive 55 mph and walk around our homes freezing to death wearing cardigans in order to fix the gas shortage of the late 70s

This mental abuse of solar paneling was on display recently when both candidates appeared before a group of Hispanics to pander for their ethnic votes. I kept waiting for Hillary to use her best Speedy Gonzales impersonation. While Trump’s comments were off the cuff and sounded kind of lame, Hillary’s were the same regurgitated mental gaslighting liberal Democrats have fostered off onto their unsuspecting masses for decades. She basically proclaimed that the other candidate was trying to keep their children from being educated, from free healthcare, and to keep them out of America! Again, it was the same gaslighting technique used to hypnotize the masses into thinking that liberals actually care about them.

The past few weeks the media has also continued to regurgitate and be agents of gaslighting for liberals where we heard over and over about Trump actually wanting to pay as little as possible in taxes as he possibly could! Shocker! Isn’t this what we all want to do come tax time? And that rascal still hasn’t released his college transcripts; oh wait that is Obama — sorry my bad. Well, he hasn’t come clean with his offshore accounts, money laundering to phony charities, and released the text of his speeches to major financial institutions. Doggone that is Hillary, sorry my bad again. Wait a minute; Trump should be convicted of all those top secret and classified emails he sent over his private server that he knew was illegal to do and broke Federal laws, right? What? You mean that was Hillary again!

Well, you are just trying to go after Hillary because she is for women who are abused and used by males, you know like Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffett, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Cristy Zercher or Elizabeth Ward Gracen. This is not the real Hillary you are looking for, keep moving.

I know, I am just being a bigoted homophobic oppressive critical-thinking thought-provoking right-wing conspiracy theorist male voter who is unwilling to listen to the latest liberal Democrat gaslighting technique. I do not know about you but I am tired of living in a low lit room of solar paneled platitudes and thermostatic controlled clichés.

This article is copyrighted © 2016 by Lee Hemen and is the sole property of Lee Hemen, and may not be used unless you quote the entire article and have my permission.

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The Wonderful World of Socialism

The Wonderful World of Socialism
By Lee Hemen
March 10, 2016

When millennials were asked what the definition of socialist was, they often thought it was something like Sweden; they are wrong. Sweden actually enjoys more freedoms than we do in some areas. They are a democratic society. Socialism is the precursor of communism. Socialist views, such as Bernie Sanders espouses, are not only dangerous, they will end up restricting many of the freedoms millennials now enjoy.

Socialism is an economic concept that advocates public ownership of all resources. The production and distribution of resources within a society are then controlled by members of that society collectively or by the government that represents that society. Goods are produced and distributed based on need rather than on market forces such as profitability, price and consumers’ purchasing power. In a socialist economy, workers contribute to society based on their ability and receive according to their needs, rather than being paid wages and using that money to purchase what they want. Private possessions are limited to personal-use items such as clothes, and there is no need or ability for individuals to accumulate wealth, so there is equality among the people.

Therefore, socialism wants big government to run everything from your birth to your death. It cries, “Power to the people!” But in reality it evolves into power to big government which dictates every aspect of your life. It takes from the hard working individual who desires a better life for themselves and their families and gives to those who leech off the governmental teat. The individual does not matter and is forced to share whatever they have garnered for themselves with others whether they like it or not.

It sounds altruistic to the young and politically innocent ears of the millennial but what is hidden behind those the likes of Bernie are horrendous. It takes away any personal initiative because why should anyone strive to do better if what they earn is taken away from them anyway? Why should one go into professional fields or gain a higher education if they know they will be taken care of by the government? Why should I save for my own retirement when the government will take care of me? The ultimate answer is that inherently lazy people won’t. This is why under Obama we now have the highest number of unemployed, underemployed, and welfare recipients in the history of this nation. (For those of you who forgot he did away with welfare reform within the first year of his administration whereby one had to find a job within a given time and get off the governmental dole. It was working and we had the lowest percentage of people on welfare and the lowest actual unemployment in history under those laws.) Your college education means little under socialism.

Socialism also takes away the rights of the individual to go and do what they want when they want to. No more rock climbing, base jumping, or unnecessary activities for you! Under the guise of such slogans as “recycle, reuse, reduce” one begins to discover that they cannot buy certain items anymore, they cannot drive their vehicles the way they used to, nor can they light or heat their homes the same way that is cost effective. In fact, one discovers that in the name of “earth first” socialism one is forced onto mass transit, restricted where they can vacation, and monitored according to the miles they drive. If you think I am wrong, think again. In fact, the individual is so stupid they cannot feed themselves or their families the way they want to because the governmental nannies will restrict what you drink or eat at school, work, or at home. (Those of you who value the new found freedoms of pot smoking are in for a shock when these folks not only come after you with egregious taxation, but how, when, and where you can smoke it. Secondhand marijuana smoke will be regulated and restricted just as tobacco is.)

But the truly scary thing is the restriction of freedom of speech socialism touts. Liberals love to be able to chant their “hey, hey, ho, ho” drivel, flaunt their proclivities, and drop any curse word at the drop of a hat, but woe be it if anyone who disagrees with their mindlessness. If you want to expose their naked dictatorial notions or their sycophantic worship to senseless made-up science they go ballistic. Freedom of expression is only for the politically correct under socialism. They will use terms as “hate”, “fear”, “afraid”, or add “phobic” to any idea they dislike; such as “His hate speech made me fearful and afraid and it sounded homophobic to me” in order to silence any opposition.

Yes the wonderful world of socialism will dictate for you what to think, what to eat, what to wear, and where to go because it will all be based on what big brother thinks is best for the whole community.


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The whirlwind stupidity of legal pot

The whirlwind stupidity of legal pot
By Pastor Lee Hemen
December 30, 2014

As the old year passes away and a new one is upon us I want to issue a warning. As a nation we are taking steps that are not only downright foolish, they are extremely dangerous. One of the most grievous is the legalization of marijuana. While many dope heads and foolish medical proponents want us to rush headlong into being a nation of foggy-minded numbskulls we truly need to stop the trend in its tracks. And believers need to get on the bandwagon of halting this very dangerous trend.

We have no long-term studies for any of the supposed health benefits of the drug and we have not considered what havoc it will wreck on families. Already at public schools we are noticing an increase of its use in those states where it has been legalized. Don’t believe me, ask the teachers who work in the schools if they have noticed the smell of smoke on the clothes of elementary children or the middle and high schools where smoking dope on campus is reaching unprecedented levels. I have often wondered why all of sudden those who decry the secondhand smoke of cigarettes are totally oblivious and downright accepting of children being exposed to marijuana secondhand smoke?

Recently, based on an abstract received by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in August, marijuana may have adverse effects on brain development over the long term in adolescents. This would include secondhand smoke!

“The study in question pitted 48 marijuana users between ages 14 and 30 (average age of 18) against 62 nonusers as the control group to measure various aspects of cognitive function over time. The testing involved an MRI scan for each individual, regular urine analysis, and an IQ test.

The results showed that marijuana users had an average IQ that was five points lower than the control group. In addition, MRIs showed that regular marijuana users had less gray matter in the orbitofrontal cortex, a region of the brain responsible for decision making and motivation. The concern here being that young minds are easily shaped while still maturing, so excessive use of marijuana during adolescence could have negative long-term cognitive implications.”

And now “British researchers suggest if you want to start a family, you should best lay off the schedule I substance drug. According to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction, smoking marijuana can affect male fertility by altering sperm size and shape. In addition, participants who were younger than age 30 and used cannabis three months prior also were found to have poor sperm morphology. Unlike marijuana, other lifestyle factors such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol had little effect.”

So we will now have to not only deal with children who have developmental issues due to drinking, hard drug usage, but now we will have to have a whole new way of teaching and tending for those who are affected by their parents or sibling’s marijuana usage.

States that have legalized marijuana have seen an increase in their homeless populations as well from those moving to these areas in order to get their drug of choice. One shelter in Colorado has experienced a 30% increase of homeless out-of-staters who have come there for their drug usage.

Here in Washington State we have already experienced multiple deaths by those who have smoked pot and recklessly got into their vehicles and slammed into innocent victims. Only blocks away from my home, several young children and their mother and friends were killed and maimed by a pot-smoking driver while they were walking home from trick-or-treating.

In the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, the main character relates, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Are we that stupid as a society? Evidently so. Christians need to stand firm in their conviction not to use any recreational drug, including alcohol or marijuana. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are to get our natural and spiritual motivation from him alone and not from being chemically induced. It is for a very definitive reason Hosea admonishes us to remember, “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head;” (Hosea 8:7 NIV) We have not used our heads and will reap a whirlwind for our stupidity.

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