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One of the most dangerous theological movements within the Christian church today is the emergent church movement. While some of it is innocuous, thee are those within its confines that have a specific agenda to tear down historical orthodox Christianity. Theology does matter and the basics of Christianity are being assailed as never before.

The church is suffering from a Blue Like Jazz theology

The church is suffer a Blue Like Jazz theology
by Pastor Lee Hemen
January 06, 2011

I have found it interesting that recently there have been a plethora of articles addressing the woes of the church today. The amazing thing is that they are truly connected.

Recently the Barna Group released a study that relates six mega themes concerning today’s Christianity. He found that: 1) The Christian Church is becoming less theologically literate creating weak faith and a reliance on motivation instead. 2) Christians are becoming more ingrown and less outreach-oriented focusing on ourselves. 3) Growing numbers of people are less interested in spiritual principles and more desirous of learning pragmatic solutions for life. If it does not focus on our problems, we are not interested. 4) Among Christians, interest in participating in community action is escalating, but it is not producing long-term involvement. When the initial thrill is gone, so is the believer. 5) The postmodern insistence on tolerance is winning over the Christian Church. Homosexuality and sexual relationships outside of marriage are not seen as sinful. Situational ethics seem to rule the lives of believers rather than biblical morality. And finally, 6) the influence of Christianity on culture and individual lives is largely invisible. We are no longer the salt and light of the world. The church today has allowed itself to be deceived by false relationships.

Then we add to the above the latest Christian fad book release by the father son team of Thom and Jess Rainer, “The Millennials: Connecting to America’s Largest Generation.” In it they list ways in how to get younger generations back into the church and to make Christianity relevant to them. In a recent article they listed the areas of 1) Mentoring, 2) having a Gentle Spirit, 3) Transparency and authenticity, and 4) Integrity in how to gain access to this group. These are nothing new, however, what many churches have offered instead is mentoring by emotion, offering a gentle spirit by acquiescing to political correctness, thinking they are being transparent and authentic by introducing a Jesus that is foreign to Scripture, and giving integrity by lying to them when they come through the door by not telling them the entire truth of the Christian’s responsibility. The church needs to offer more than the stick of a “Shack” heretical theological mentality. The Christian church is suffering because it has forgotten the integrity of the gospel, the often harsh truth it contains, and an unwillingness to boldly witness. Far too often the church caters to what pleases the millennial for the moment whether it is self-centered worship, non-sacrificial service or ministry, to seeking after someone who can scratch their itch with fine sounding words. God forbid we should actually teach church discipline, tithing, or sacrifice.

Now before anyone crucifies me for not totally being sold out for books like “The Shack” or “Blue Like Jazz,” I have read them both and found them totally wanting in sound biblical theology. Herein books like these camouflages the core spiritual problem of today’s church. Biblical truth is no longer in vogue nor is it fun. When Southwestern Seminary notes that “Students are arriving to graduate level work, who, though with degrees from some of the finest universities in the country, were unable to produce a viable essay,” something is grossly wrong within the Christian church they were exposed to, not just the public schools they were educated at.

Instead of the mega interest being in getting numbers through the doors for worship, perhaps the Christian church needs to repent and return to witnessing to the world about faith in Christ. It is totally unbiblical to try and witness through worship and it is backwards to the gospel which commands us to “go into all the world.” This kind of theological weak logic allows non-believers to think they can authentically worship and allows believers to concede their biblical responsibilities of sacrificial service and witnessing. We now have larger churches that contain weak Christians who only impact their communities by placing worldly bandages over the real problem. We do not see communities spiritually eternally changed by the gospel, politicians fearing the church, or bold pulpits preaching against the ungodliness of the world. Loving Jesus is more than something you feel, it is obedience to the gospel. A limp-wristed blue like jazz church will not change the world, only gain its applause.
Pastor Lee Hemen has been the outspoken pastor of the same church for 25 years in Vancouver, WA. He writes regularly on spirituality and conservative causes and maintains several web blogs. This article is copyrighted © 2010 by Lee Hemen and is the sole property of Lee Hemen, and may not be used unless you quote the entire article and have my permission.



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Rick Warren Does it, Again

What do you think, is Rick Warren willing to say or do anything in order to be “America’s Pastor”?

The following article by Joseph Farah points out the Christian hypocrisy of Warren that drives people crazy. He seems to stand for anything except his Christian faith and fellow believers. He is willing to trash America and historical Christianity and for that matter history as well. He forgets that far more non-Muslims and other Muslims have been and were slaughtered by Islam not only during the Crusades, but in recent history as well. The Crusades were started only after the threat of Islam became so great that it threatened the bastions of Christianity. Before that, Islam had either bribed or lied to Christian leaders telling them that they were not interested in destroying the Christian faith. Their violent slaughtering of anyone or any nation that stood in their way proved otherwise, and only then did Christianity respond. Before that time, most of the known world had fallen under the sword of Islam.

So, what do you think? Does Warren’s latest action show him only to want to hog some sort of limelight or do you think he is correct in his actions?



Rick Warren Does it, Again
By Joseph Farah, World Net Daily, July 3, 2009

While millions of other Americans will be celebrating Independence Day weekend, Rick Warren, often called “America’s Pastor,” will be serving as the keynote speaker for a Saudi-backed Muslim group that promotes a radical strain of Wahhabi Islam in about 80 percent of U.S. mosques.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of Rick Warren’s bad judgments.

This time Warren will be schmoozing with the Islamic Society of North America, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood – just as are al-Qaida, Hamas and most other Muslim terrorist organizations.

ISNA puts on a façade of moderation, yet, according to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, it “convenes annual conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred.”

After Hamas leader Mousa Marzook was arrested in 1997, ISNA raised money for his defense. He was eventually deported.

ISNA condemned the U.S. government’s seizure of the financial assets of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad after Sept. 11.

“I think ISNA has been an umbrella, also a promoter of groups that have been involved in terrorism,” explains Emerson. “I am not going to accuse the ISNA of being directly involved in terrorism. I will say ISNA has sponsored extremists, racists, people who call for jihad against the United States.”

I could go on with many more details about ISNA. Suffice it to say it is no friend of Christianity and no friend of America.

So what is Rick Warren doing speaking at the group’s national conference?

I don’t know what Warren’s agenda is. He would probably say he doesn’t have one. But I can tell you the effect of his appearance – it is designed to disinfect and rehabilitate a group that is dangerous and subversive to U.S. national security.

But it should surprise no one, at this point, that Rick Warren will be there. One of the first times I ever wrote about Rick Warren was in 2006 when he took an equally misguided trip to Syria to meet with dictator Bashar Assad and praise him for his pleasant treatment of Christians. Syria was then and remains today one of the world’s leading state sponsors of Islamic terrorism. Almost every terrorist group in the world maintains offices there. Nevertheless, Rick Warren said, while in Syria, that the country “does not allow extremism of any kind.”

Less than a week after Warren’s absurd proclamations in Syria, a Christian leader in Lebanon, former President Pierre Gemayel, was assassinated in the streets of Beirut. Everyone in Lebanon knows who killed him – the Syrian government.

As I wrote at the time, “it is imperative that Christians – and especially Christian leaders – have discernment about evil in our world. And true, unadulterated evil is what you have running Syria today. The government led by Bashar Assad, who met with Rick Warren last week, is anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and pro-terrorist.

“Rick Warren should know this. Yet, he has placed himself in a position of apologizing and excusing the government in Damascus, one of the most evil on the face of the earth.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that government got cover last week as a result of Warren’s shameful public relations on its behalf. I won’t go so far to say there was a direct cause-and-effect relationship between Warren’s embrace of Assad and the assassination of Gemayel yesterday, but it is both a coincidence of striking proportions as well as an illustration of the true character of Damascus’ totalitarian police-state regime.”

In 2007, Rick Warren was one of 100 or so “evangelical leaders” who signed a document begging forgiveness from Muslims for all the evil deeds perpetrated against them by Christians.

Rick Warren loves to apologize for things he didn’t do, for things other people did that weren’t wrong, even for things that occurred hundreds of years before he was born – such as apologizing to Muslims worldwide for atrocities committed against their ancestors during the Crusades.

In 2007, he also apologized for American “excesses in the war on terrorism.”

And he has apologized for the church because it hasn’t done enough about the spread of AIDS and problems like global warming.

Yet, I must observe that despite his predilection for apologies, he has a great deal of trouble owning up to his own personal mistakes.

Once again, just like his trip to Syria, serving as the keynote speaker to the Islamic Society of North America is a very, very bad personal mistake – one that demonstrates a complete lack of spiritual discernment.


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Carrie Prejean better Christian Witness than “America’s Pastor?”

Carrie Prejean better Christian Witness than “America’s Pastor?”
By Pastor Lee Hemen
May 12, 2009

I would have to say an unequivocal “yes” to that question. Why? Because I remember when Rick Warren, who desperately desires to be known as “America’s pastor,” who appeared on CNN’s Larry King TV show and he blandly offered his waffling stand on homosexuality and gay marriage with the following: “In the first place, I am not an anti-gay or anti-gay marriage activist. I never have been, never will be. During the whole Proposition 8 thing, I never once went to a meeting, never once issued a statement, never. Never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop 8 was going. The week before the, the, vote, somebody in my church said, ‘Pastor Rick, what, what do you think about this?’ And I sent a note to my own members that said, I actually believe that marriage is – really should be defined, that that definition should be – say between a man and a woman.”

Contrast this rather shallow sycophantic answer of Rick Warren’s to that of Carrie Prejean and her consistent witness for her straight forward answer to a trumped up question by a radical gay activist pageant judge Perez Hilton whether she believed every U.S. state should legalize same-sex marriage. She responded, “Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there. But that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman.” She did this on national TV at a pageant that is seen around the world, knowing it was going to cost her the crown. She was the front runner until she spoke her beliefs.  And, she has never backed away from the answer she gave. For once the blonde beauty queen stood a lot taller than a middle-aged pastor who is supposed to be teaching his congregation, and vicariously the rest of us through his myriad of Christian best sellers, the theology of a Christian lifestyle. Frankly I am proud of Prejean and ashamed of Warren. There is no excuse for a pastor who claims to be a conservative evangelical and a Baptist to give the answer he did.

Lest you think I am being a bit too harsh read what Warren continued to whine in order to make is sound as if he were all things to all people: “And then all of a sudden out of it, they made me, you know, something that I really wasn’t! And I actually – there were a number of things that were put out. I wrote to all my gay friends, the leaders that I knew, and actually apologized to them. That never got out. There were some things said that, you know, everybody should have 10 percent grace when they say public statements. And I was asked a question that made it sound like I equated gay marriage with pedophilia or incest, which I absolutely do not believe. And I actually announced that. All of the criticism came from people that didn’t know me. Not a single criticism came from any gay leader who knows me and knows that for years, we’ve been working together on AIDS issues and all these other things.” What? What in the world does this mean? It sounds like a man who desperately wants everyone to like him rather than a Christian pastor of Jesus Christ who is willing to take public mocking for his Christian faith and view of homosexuality and gay marriage.

Prejean walked out with Donald Trump and boldly declared that she gave the answer she thought best for her upbringing and who she was as a Christian. It reflects a fine outstanding young person who willingly stood tall in a situation where she knew she would be vilified by a liberal media and vapid and rabid homosexual lobby.

Prejean who grew up in an evangelical Christian home in Vista, California and is currently a senior at San Diego Christian College, a small, evangelical liberal arts college located in El Cajon, California, speaks a lot to her upbringing and her witness. She also attends The Rock Church, where she volunteers with their outreach ministries such as Luv-em-Up Ministries in El Cajon, where she volunteers with members with developmental disabilities.

While I may not like some of the photos she has posed for, she is a contemporary model and the ones I have seen were done in that vein. But folks, come on, what a difference between a beauty queen and her verbal and outspoken witness for what she believes as a Christian concerning the perversion of homosexuality and gay marriage and that of the one who desperately desires to be known as “America’s Pastor,” ala Rick Warren.

This article is the copyrighted 2009 © property of Lee Hemen and may not be copied or reproduced in any way shape or form without using the full text of this entire article, and getting the permission of its author.

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How I Got Rid of My Spiritual Cramps!

How I Got Rid of My Spiritual Cramps!
By Lee Hemen
April 21, 2009

I got tired of going to my same old worship place where they scanned my Congregational Card and gave me discounts at the latte bar and grill. So, I began my long and exhausting  journey of looking for a better place to worship Jesus where I could find solace in my supped cappuccino while I waited for the spiritual  mood to be established. I mean, a person has to focus on what is best for their relationship with God, right? I was not fooled by those pretenders who touted “a laid-back” atmosphere while thumping out rhythmic Native American beats in a circle of life, nor was I enamored with the scented candle crowd at the local Unitarian bivwack campout and multicultural exchange. I wanted something more. Something deeper. Something that would help me be spiritual. You know, something for me!

Lo and behold just when I thought all was lost, there in the Sunday mid-morning haze I saw a sign that read: “Cross Roads Alternative Meeting Place.” Affectionately, I learned later, known as CRAMP. When I entered the parking lot I was met by a smiling but matter-of-fact security guard dressed in white holding a shepherd’s crook who told me, “Keep moving beloved! Head for the Mark Park!”, which was in between the Matthew Mall and Luke Lot. In fact, all twelve disciples were represented, with the Judas Iscari-Lot out back for those who happened to come in late! My hopes were high and I was not disappointed.

After parking my Monza I got onboard a biblically themed tram, with other CRAMP goers. We were enchanted with piped in music from “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Pulling up to the front of the Gospel-plex, we were given a free “Redemption” ticket to be used to pay for our first free latte at the “Holy Grounds Coffee and Doughnut Hut” inside. Ushers showed me to my “Easypew” reclining seat and asked if I wanted a warmed “Blanket of Truth” for my lap and the latest edition of the Laconic Logos, their in-house newsletter. It was full of coupons and ideas on “how to better enjoy” my “worship experience.” I was reminded by the literature handed me, that worship is for me and it should last as long as I feel good about myself. And CRAMP, was here to make me feel as good about myself as I could feel! “CRAMP is about helping you to get rid of any spiritual cramps leftover from other so-called religious organizations that only try to make you feel guilty or less important than you truly are in the Lord.” The literature reminded the reader to get rid of all those “old cramps” and replace them with a new one!

Children were ushered away from us “serious” adults who wanted to “develop a cramp for Jesus” and not be bothered by the incessant whining of little voices wanting to “go home.” The music began with a throbbing crescendo while the worship leaders danced onto stage accompanied by a laser light show and mirror ball magic. I was able to forget about myself and magnify why I came in the first place and that was to forget about myself. I pushed the vibrator button on my Easypew and was just about ready to reach biblical Nirvana when the speaker was lowered out of the ceiling in a cloud of smoke and onto the stage to the hurrahs and cries of the gathered congregation. An announcer asked in a big bass voice, “Are you ready for this?!” and we all shouted back, “Yes!” He asked us again, “Do ya wanna be blessed?” And we all cried out with tearful passion, “Yes! Yes! Bless us real good!” He spoke on how we could “get into Jesus” if we just allowed Jesus to get into us. So we all practiced getting Jesus into us by reciting “Jeeezus! Jeezus! Jezus!” for about five minutes in between gulps of holy breathing.

Sated, satisfied, and spiritually rehabilitated to face the rest of my day and perhaps Monday, I staggered out to the waiting tram to take me back to the Mark Park and my Chevy. I was reminded on the ride back by a soothing female voice from the speakers in the tram to come try the Bowling for Blessings Ten Pin Alley, the 18-hole Faith Walk Golf Course, or the Jehoshaphat Café Health Bar and Gymnasium. “Open 24 hours to serve even the most stressed out saint. Just the thing to get rid of those old cramps!”

So now whenever I have a spiritual cramp, I just go to CRAMP and all of my guilt and shame leaves me…

This article is the copyrighted 2009 © property of Lee Hemen and may not be copied or reproduced in any way shape or form without using the full text of this entire article, and getting the permission of its author.

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Who Says You Should Not Argue Politics Or Religion?

Who Says You Should Not Argue Politics Or Religion?
By Lee Hemen
December 26, 2008

Who says you should not argue politics or religion at family gatherings? I do not adhere to this nonsense. Why? Let me explain: This Christmas season has been a very enlightening one for me both as a Christian and as a political observer. I spent a lot of time listening to others spout their views of the world and what is occurring and was surprised but also convinced of people’s myopic view of the world around them. I found it extremely hilarious and had to actually laugh out loud when I heard these same folks voice their opinions of conservatives and Christians in general. However, it also helped me to realize that Christians or conservatives are not getting their message out in a clear and concise manner that is worthy of a good listen by the world at large. We are fast losing the ear of a lost and dying world because they are being convinced that the gospel message is no longer relevant or at best just an aid in helping the human condition as far as giving hope, in the form of care or handouts, to the homeless and downtrodden. Sadly, it became apparent that this view was reinforced by what they had heard from the emergent church crowd. Folks like the Rick Warrens of the world have not helped. They see his church’s willingness to remove any “offensive” material from their web site as a social compromise at best and another form of Christian hypocrisy at its worst.

Believers are living in a day and age where there are those within the Christian ranks who want to sellout their faith and become like the world around them, thinking that this is what will make the gospel massage relevant. Conservatives are succumbing to this mindlessness as well thinking they should sound more like liberalism. Far too many calling themselves “Christian” want to reintroduce the tired old heresy that Jesus is just another answer in a world of many religious teachings and thereby reduce His message as another way of life. They argue from an “us too” kind of mentality, kind of like many browbeat conservatives. Yet time after time, when I as a Christian and a conservative, am able to articulate and guide the conversation into asking the age old questions of who, what, when, where, and why, I am not only given a listen but individuals are often surprised that they actually agree with me on some very core issues. Issues such as that mankind’s answer is not found in government and that we as human beings are evil at our core. That this evil affects and will effect everything we try to do even as a government.

I surprised several of my listeners when I told them that I did not consider our President elect the embodiment of evil, but that I considered his political proclivities as harmful. In fact I was able to set this notion up with the rational argument that now that we have both Houses of Congress and the Presidency under one party, we will not have compromise that so many think will ensue, nor will we have change, but rather we will see political corruption on a scale we have not seen in years. If they thought that Republicans pork-barreled, all they need to do is watch what the Democrats will do now that there is no constraint on them. People who have power want to maintain it and their evil tendencies will dictate how they strive to do so.

I was amazed that several of my listeners had not considered that Obama has now set a standard in campaigning that will never go away. A standard that will dictate that every presidential campaign from now on will have to raise at least a billion dollars and begin right after the previous election. My listeners were incredulous, but after they realized I was correct it suddenly dawned on them what this meant for future elections. Every candidate now will opt out of public funding and raise money whenever and wherever they can beg barrow or steal it. Obama set the standard. This is what we can expect from now on for campaigning.

I laughed as one grandly stated that he felt that no one should be allowed to earn more than a million dollars and that salaries had gotten way out of hand. That perhaps a free enterprise system was not what we needed. (This was voiced by someone who works in the restaurant field, as management, that canters to high end wage earners and is totally dependent upon their income levels to be able to come in and eat at his upper crust establishment! I asked him if his boss came to him and said, “Hey, we need a manager to run four of these restaurants for us and we will pay you two million dollars to live here and do it,” would you refuse? He, of course, answered “No.” And he had to admit that if he was able to live in a better part of town and be the owner of his own home, he would buy something that was a lot nicer for his new wife. (Gee, go figure.) All of sudden his altruistic spouting did not mean much. He also groused about people who wanted to drive Hummers. I blandly pointed out the window to his full-sized four-wheel drive pickup truck that gets worse gas mileage than many of the newer Hummers he complained about. He sheepishly agreed he needed to change his “lifestyle choice.”

Another grandly gripped about “global warming” and how many textbooks confuse global warming with the green house affect or the greenhouse gases. And that “these,” sniff, were “not the same thing.” So, I calmly asked, “How much CO2 do you think is released into the atmosphere by human beings in total?” She had no clue. I then asked, “Would it surprise you to learn that it is almost so minuscule that you can almost not even measure it? That the oceans and forests give off way more CO2 than human do.” She retorted, “That’s not true!” I related to her that just because you think it is untrue does not make it so, because that indeed was the case. I then took one of several Build-A-Bears® that her daughter had on the coach and related that “everything this bear is wearing, everything this bear is made out of, this couch, the rug you are walking on, the varnish on the furniture, most of your clothing, your eye glasses, cameras, wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments, and the fake tree all come from petroleum.” She tried to respond by saying we were too dependent upon the oil industry, and I replied by reminding her that almost all medicine, the bottles it comes in, syringes, surgical tape, gloves, sutures, artificial joints, and even the tires on the car that brought her to the house, all came from the “oil industry.” That the world could not produce, make the grazing space for, feed, or raise enough crops or animals to naturally produce what we get from the oil industry not including gasoline and oil. We cannot produce enough electricity for industry or our homes without it. People would starve, die of the cold or heat, and would have less of a lifespan without the byproducts of the oil industry. Guess what her answer was? Nothing. She did not want to talk about it. People often do not want to think about the consequences of their statements. I did not even get into how the ethanol craze is causing worldwide hunger from feed and food corn shortages, myopic land usage, and huge subsidies that we pay for at the pump. By this time her eyes had kind of glazed over. However, I did mention that the even though we have tripled in the population in this area that the air quality is far better than when I first moved here because of the clean air standards and how the auto industry and oil industry had made huge changes that affected it. I can remember not being able to see Portland, Oregon from the heights area in Vancouver, Washington right across the Columbia River, because of the smog but now there are no days in the year when this is true. She had to admit this was true. I conceded that we needed to invest in electrical cars and that there was no reason why vehicles in America were not run on natural gas, a replenishable resource that would open up more oil for industry and other uses. Reluctantly my listeners had to agree because it was logical and a reasonable solution.

Herein is what my argument is for us as Christians and as conservatives. Do not get myopic in your arguments nor in how you relate to people because we did find common ground in that we all hated big government, pollution, wanted better schools, and saw mankind’s nature as the problem. These are all starting points for anyone to share their faith or their political point of view. Stop preaching at people and engage them. Stop grousing about bad things will be or are and begin finding and rationally discussing answers for folks who will definitely be affected by the policies enacted. Obama is not the antichrist and those who voted for him are not his demonic minions. His ideas and those being espoused by liberalism are the danger and must be met head on with reasoning. Each of these that I spoke with thought of themselves as reasonable people who had thought out their ideals, but realized that they had not allowed themselves to ask the tougher questions of who, what, when, where, and why? These are good ones to use in any witnessing situation, political or religious. Who says you should not argue politics or religion? Not me.
This article is copyrighted © 2008 by Lee Hemen and if you reprint it, reproduce it, or want to use it in any way, you must do so in its entirety or get the written permission of its author.

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The Cultural Christian Shift: Obama’s Social Christianity

The Cultural Christian Shift: Obama’s Social Christianity
By Lee Hemen
December 15, 2008

When Obama becomes President expect a cultural shift in Christianity to prevail. This will result in disaster for the unborn, poor, and elderly in this country. Why? Because it is the same stance that many atheists take. Dinesh D’Souza writes that “Many of the new atheists… want to get rid of Christianity but keep core Christian values. Richard Dawkins has even identified himself as a ‘cultural Christian.’” Cultural Christians are atheists who want to be seen as “moral” without having to mess with God. Many liberals subscribe to this belief as well. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are such individuals. They belonged to a church and aggressively defended its theology of black racist propaganda of liberation theology. Liberation theology takes the deity from Christ and gives Him a mantle instead of being loving and kind and working to better the poverty stricken and downtrodden. For them, Jesus came to feed the poor and liberate the masses. Never mind that He died on the cross for people’s sins, after all that probably was a made up story perpetuated by fanatic disciples who wanted Him to be their king.

If you are not closely watching this indeed is a scary event. The United States will have for the first time someone who is openly for redefining the sanctity not only of marriage, human life, but the very fabric of what constitutes morality as well. Morality will be redefined not from a biblical foundation but from the benefit of what its “goodness” imposes on society as a whole. What is good for the masses, not what makes one godly. We have seen this convoluted form of social Christianity in China by the sanctioned State churches there. After slaughtering millions of adherent Christians, both the Soviet Union and China redefined what it meant to be “Christian.” Germany did the same under Hitler’s Nazi socialism.

Atheistic cultural Christianity tries to define itself within the context of society at the moment. What are the government’s dictates? Therefore benefiting the poor only is important as long as it is beneficial for society as a whole. Regulations must be followed first. The elderly will be seen as a hindrance to the future State because they cannot effectively produce. Only those who can efficiently contribute will be allowed to survive. The infirm, sick, or diseased will be seen as a drag on the economy and socialized medicine will thin them out of the herd. All of this will be done with great sympathy for the individual but with an eye as to how it benefits society. It will be seen as “compassionate” to take the infirm person’s life. After all, do they seriously want to take up space for more productive people?

This is why it is very easy for cultural Christians to ignore the slaughter of unborn innocents. They do not vote nor do they contribute. They only “hinder” an individual’s “freedom” of the moment. It is easy to kill those that cannot speak for themselves and we do not have to see the messiness of how they are silenced. The ends will justify the means. The greatest good. Compassion will be given to the unwed mother or the promiscuous female who desires her own “freedom” over that of a blob of flesh.

Cultural Christianity in the Obamanation will result in trickle up poverty and diluted delusional societal morality. It will have a veneer of compassion but a heart of the communal bottom line. We will see a new mobster thug rule as we do now in Russia and have caught glimpses of coming out of Chicago.

Obama and his flock are dangerous because they actually see him as the answer to the human condition of this country. He has already assumed the mantle of his minions. He is the newborn Messiah born from community organization, without a spiritual set of core values that are biblically based. He is liberated from these old constraints and will dictate a brave new world of his own making. He, with the help of his Team Obama, will redefine for us what it means to be culturally appropriate as Christians. We and our children will suffer the consequences of it. Cultural Christianity will mandate that historical faith is no longer valid, narrow minded, and barbaric. His disciples will spread out to take the word to the unwashed and to thwart anyone who disagrees with his brand of political spirituality. It will be called social activism.

Sadly, much of today’s modern church and its emergent followers have given Obama all he needs to succeed. It is and will be hard to quell the sated mob with reason when selfishness rules the marketplace of ideas. Feelings and emotions will replace reason and faith. It already has for many. It is easier to follow a CEO than living responsibly for the Lord. Just give the masses what they want and keep them happy for the moment. Be ready for the cultural Christian shift.
This article is copyrighted © 2008 by Lee Hemen and if you reprint it, reproduce it, or want to use it in any way, you must do so in its entirety or get the written permission of its author.


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Giles Needs to Learn to Deal Correctly With It

by Pastor Lee Hemen
August 26, 2008

Contrary to the extremely idiotic advice from people like Doug Giles on, in his article Jesus, Beer, and Your College Kid, where he is “in favor of the legal drinking age being dropped from 21 to 18,” the real truth of lives lived on the edge of morality are infecting Christianity in a drastic way that is absolutely horrendous. He never addresses the issue of high school students who are aged 18 and the impact this would have on this age group whereby it would give many a free way into getting even more underage booze. Christians are not discovering the “real” Jesus through this kind of liberal theology that allows everything to be permissible as long as one does not “abuse” their Christian “liberty.” He is an idiot. Deal with it. He makes a list of “killjoy” things supposed legalists have erroneously done by relating:

“No doubt some of you legalistic 21st century killjoy Pharisees have problems with a Christian drinking alcohol. How do I know? Well, it is because Christianity as of late has been chopped down by the likes of you to these six things, namely:

1. Not watching or reading anything with the name Harry Potter on it

2. Not going to R-rated movies

3. Not smoking cigarettes, a cigar, or a pipe (there goes C. S. Lewis and Charles Spurgeon)

4. Not listening to rock music

5. Not watching CNN or MSNBC (this doesn’t send you to hell, just makes you dumb as hell)

6. Not drinking alcohol
Yep, somehow the greatest story ever told has been reduced to some goofy self-righteous denomination’s list of do’s and don’ts.”

It is the same sad mantra of those who at one time felt oppressed by their parents telling them “no.” (Giles must have struggled with this as a child.) He forgets that believers were admonished to be drunk on the Spirit and not booze. Using wine for medicinal purposes is not a reason to go out and drink anytime a Christian wants to. He then sadly goes for the tired argument of fat preachers who cannot control their diet as a means to justify his ungodly stance. While he is correct, he actually makes the argument for never drinking for the Christian. Why? Simply because of the problems it produces in our society: Out of wedlock births, date rape, alcoholism, abuse, deaths, and divorce to just list a few. He desperately tries to relate that before Jesus turned the water into wine that people had already “swilled down the initial 12 mondo jugs of the stuff.” The problem is that this is not mentioned in the Bible at all. All it states is that they had run out of good wine. Not the amount drunk beforehand, nor in fact the amount drank after the miracle! This was not some booze swilling frat party as Giles wants us to believe whereby the folks “floated the keg.” Deal with it. In fact, nowhere in Scripture does it condone such behavior. Wine making the heart merry, is a depiction of what it can do for a depressed person or for a celebration and how God provides wine for this purpose. The problem is that in our day and age, drinking is not seen this way. In fact, you cannot date, have fun, or have a party without booze and getting smashed in the process. And contrary to Giles’ convoluted view that those who abstain from drinking alcohol have the kids that get “the most hammered during spring break because booze has been the forbidden apple all their life,” just does not bear up under statistics or studies done on the subject. Deal with it. And no matter how he wants to mix it, alcohol during biblical times that the Jews drank was not the “buzz-generating knock back just like the stuff we drink today.” It was impossible for it to be simply because of sterilization processes and the way we can increase the alcoholic content in wine far greater now than back then. They did not concern themselves with what to drink with the fish: Red, white, or Bordeaux? Plus, I find it absolutely hypocritically hilarious when he tries to justify his smoking of cigars! Tobacco of course is not mentioned in the Bible and do you honestly think sucking in carcinogenic smoke into one’s body, that is supposed to be the holy temple of God, makes one more of a godly person? Yes, I can see Jesus right now leaning back, puffing on a corona, after the Last Supper. Even Spurgeon quit his stogies after learning it was a poor witness.

“Y’know, I hate to bring the Bible into this, but…” Scripture does say that Christians are to be holy and that not everything is beneficial even though it may be permissible in life. And this brings me to my final point. Recently Barna released a study that shows how young adults and liberal Christians are struggling more than ever with morality. The reason? Poor theology like that expressed by Giles. “One of the most stunning outcomes from the Barna survey was the moral pattern among adults under 25. The younger generation was more than twice as likely as all other adults to engage in behaviors considered morally inappropriate by traditional standards.” These folks found no problem with cussing, gambling, drinking, lying, pornography, retaliation, promiscuous behavior or marital infidelity. Barna found that “Examining people’s faith perspectives revealed that (conservative) evangelicals were the group most likely to follow traditional morality. In fact,  according to George Barna, who directed the survey, the results reflect a significant shift in American life:

“‘We are witnessing the development and acceptance of a new moral code in America,” Barna related. “Mosaics (ages 18-25) have had little exposure to traditional moral teaching and limited accountability for such behavior. The moral code began to disintegrate when the generation before them – the Baby Busters – pushed the limits that had been challenged by their parents – the Baby Boomers. The result is that without much fanfare or visible leadership, the U.S. has created a moral system based on convenience, feelings, and selfishness.” Like that which Giles depicts.

“The consistent deterioration of the Bible as the source of moral truth has led to a nation where people have become independent judges of right and wrong, basing their choices on feelings and circumstances. It is not likely that America will return to a more traditional moral code until the nation experiences significant pain from its moral choices.” Just like Giles expresses in his convoluted worldy reaosning.

Lowering the drinking age to 18 does not help in these kinds of choices. Rather, would it not be more prudent to raise the age for those who can vote or serve in the military instead where more mature decisions can be made by young people who have reached a greater assessment of life? Giles’ rhetoric make little theological or Christological sense in a day and age where we see Christianity reduced to an anything goes as long as does not offend one’s personal idea of morailty. I thought Christians were to live such holy lives in every area of life that even unbelievers would give God praise on the day Jesus returns?

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