Gaslighting: Liberalism’s way to control the masses! Part Two

Gaslighting: Liberalism’s way to control the masses! Part Two
By Lee Hemen
May 22, 2016

Back in 1938, there was a play called “Gas Light” that was later adapted into a movie in 1944. In the story, a husband works diligently to convince his wife and their acquaintances that she is insane by making very small and subtle changes to their environment. When the wife would point out the changes, the husband convinced her that she was wrong about the changes and that she was crazy. Slowly but surely, the wife starts to give in to the self-doubt created by those subtle changes, namely a gas lamp that the husband keeps dimming, hence the term “gaslighting”.

I think we should change it to a more modern title like being “solar paneled” instead or perhaps “thermostated” in honor of President Jimmy “The Sweater Man” Carter and how he gaslighted all of us into thinking we needed to drive 55 mph and walk around our homes freezing to death wearing cardigans in order to fix the gas shortage of the late 70s

This mental abuse of solar paneling was on display recently when both candidates appeared before a group of Hispanics to pander for their ethnic votes. I kept waiting for Hillary to use her best Speedy Gonzales impersonation. While Trump’s comments were off the cuff and sounded kind of lame, Hillary’s were the same regurgitated mental gaslighting liberal Democrats have fostered off onto their unsuspecting masses for decades. She basically proclaimed that the other candidate was trying to keep their children from being educated, from free healthcare, and to keep them out of America! Again, it was the same gaslighting technique used to hypnotize the masses into thinking that liberals actually care about them.

The past few weeks the media has also continued to regurgitate and be agents of gaslighting for liberals where we heard over and over about Trump actually wanting to pay as little as possible in taxes as he possibly could! Shocker! Isn’t this what we all want to do come tax time? And that rascal still hasn’t released his college transcripts; oh wait that is Obama — sorry my bad. Well, he hasn’t come clean with his offshore accounts, money laundering to phony charities, and released the text of his speeches to major financial institutions. Doggone that is Hillary, sorry my bad again. Wait a minute; Trump should be convicted of all those top secret and classified emails he sent over his private server that he knew was illegal to do and broke Federal laws, right? What? You mean that was Hillary again!

Well, you are just trying to go after Hillary because she is for women who are abused and used by males, you know like Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffett, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Cristy Zercher or Elizabeth Ward Gracen. This is not the real Hillary you are looking for, keep moving.

I know, I am just being a bigoted homophobic oppressive critical-thinking thought-provoking right-wing conspiracy theorist male voter who is unwilling to listen to the latest liberal Democrat gaslighting technique. I do not know about you but I am tired of living in a low lit room of solar paneled platitudes and thermostatic controlled clichés.

This article is copyrighted © 2016 by Lee Hemen and is the sole property of Lee Hemen, and may not be used unless you quote the entire article and have my permission.


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