Of Minnie Mouse and Men

Of Minnie Mouse and Men
By Pastor Lee Hemen
May 31, 2015

Christianity is tough enough but when Christians are stupid it makes it even tougher for those of us who fight the fight and defend the faith. There is some truly illogical and heretical “Christian” beliefs floating around out there that need to be squashed. And I am not just talking about the support of gay marriage or abortion.

Take for instance the belief of some that their pet Fluffy goes to heaven when it dies. I was sharing the other day about our dog Molly who bit the bullet the other day. (No, I did not use her for target practice; she died of a form of cancer. We had her humanly put down.) Someone quipped, “Now she is running around wagging her tail in a far better place.” I confess, my eyes kind of crossed and glazed over because I could not believe what I was hearing. Here was a Christian thinking that my dog was in heaven!

I blandly asked which animals deserved to go to the better place she was referring to. Did spiders, snakes, lizards, ants, bedbugs, fleas, sharks, dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, cows or cockroaches or just the cute fluffy ones we liked. Which animals were bad enough for hell or good enough for heaven? She murmured something about how she hoped her pet was there and hurried out of the room. The truth is Scripture makes it pretty obvious that animals in fact do not go to a “better place,” unless that beef you ate now is residing in your stomach. Jesus did not hang on a cross to die for Minnie my mouse.

Then there are those who actually believe in ghosts. Again, the Bible makes it clear that any spectral manifestation is not what God desires; the same goes for witchcraft, astrology, dream-catchers, or little magnetic statues on our dashboard. Any form of paganism is actually forbidden for the believer whether it is the childish Charlie Charlie Challenge or an Ouija board which was introduced by Elijah Bond as a parlor game and not as a means to contact the dead. The reason, it takes your focus off the one who saved you and makes you think something else is more powerful than God who conquered death and the grave for you!

For some they actually think their great uncle Buddy is now looking down on them and watching over them. According to the Bible, nope he is not. The great cloud of witnesses that is often used to excuse this horrendous lapse in actual theology is actually referring to those who died for their faith and their testimony of giving everything they had for the faith is a witness for us to live our lives by.

Now do not get me wrong, Molly was a great little dog, but then so was Lucky 1, Lucky 2, Brownie, Sally, Reggie, and several others whose names I have forgotten. But I am looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth and being in the presence of my Savior and those who love him. Paul writes it is a far more wonderful place than we can imagine. Could there be dogs there? Perhaps, but not the ones we loved here.


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