The whirlwind stupidity of legal pot

The whirlwind stupidity of legal pot
By Pastor Lee Hemen
December 30, 2014

As the old year passes away and a new one is upon us I want to issue a warning. As a nation we are taking steps that are not only downright foolish, they are extremely dangerous. One of the most grievous is the legalization of marijuana. While many dope heads and foolish medical proponents want us to rush headlong into being a nation of foggy-minded numbskulls we truly need to stop the trend in its tracks. And believers need to get on the bandwagon of halting this very dangerous trend.

We have no long-term studies for any of the supposed health benefits of the drug and we have not considered what havoc it will wreck on families. Already at public schools we are noticing an increase of its use in those states where it has been legalized. Don’t believe me, ask the teachers who work in the schools if they have noticed the smell of smoke on the clothes of elementary children or the middle and high schools where smoking dope on campus is reaching unprecedented levels. I have often wondered why all of sudden those who decry the secondhand smoke of cigarettes are totally oblivious and downright accepting of children being exposed to marijuana secondhand smoke?

Recently, based on an abstract received by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in August, marijuana may have adverse effects on brain development over the long term in adolescents. This would include secondhand smoke!

“The study in question pitted 48 marijuana users between ages 14 and 30 (average age of 18) against 62 nonusers as the control group to measure various aspects of cognitive function over time. The testing involved an MRI scan for each individual, regular urine analysis, and an IQ test.

The results showed that marijuana users had an average IQ that was five points lower than the control group. In addition, MRIs showed that regular marijuana users had less gray matter in the orbitofrontal cortex, a region of the brain responsible for decision making and motivation. The concern here being that young minds are easily shaped while still maturing, so excessive use of marijuana during adolescence could have negative long-term cognitive implications.”

And now “British researchers suggest if you want to start a family, you should best lay off the schedule I substance drug. According to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction, smoking marijuana can affect male fertility by altering sperm size and shape. In addition, participants who were younger than age 30 and used cannabis three months prior also were found to have poor sperm morphology. Unlike marijuana, other lifestyle factors such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol had little effect.”

So we will now have to not only deal with children who have developmental issues due to drinking, hard drug usage, but now we will have to have a whole new way of teaching and tending for those who are affected by their parents or sibling’s marijuana usage.

States that have legalized marijuana have seen an increase in their homeless populations as well from those moving to these areas in order to get their drug of choice. One shelter in Colorado has experienced a 30% increase of homeless out-of-staters who have come there for their drug usage.

Here in Washington State we have already experienced multiple deaths by those who have smoked pot and recklessly got into their vehicles and slammed into innocent victims. Only blocks away from my home, several young children and their mother and friends were killed and maimed by a pot-smoking driver while they were walking home from trick-or-treating.

In the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, the main character relates, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Are we that stupid as a society? Evidently so. Christians need to stand firm in their conviction not to use any recreational drug, including alcohol or marijuana. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are to get our natural and spiritual motivation from him alone and not from being chemically induced. It is for a very definitive reason Hosea admonishes us to remember, “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head;” (Hosea 8:7 NIV) We have not used our heads and will reap a whirlwind for our stupidity.


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