Sticks and Stones and Little Boys

Sticks and Stones and Little Boys
By Pastor Lee Hemen
October 6, 2014

Sticks and rocks are beautiful things, if you do not believe me then you do not have any little boys because sticks, rocks, and little boys go together. I am not sure why, they just do. Perhaps it is our “aggressive” natures outwardly manifesting themselves. I certainly believe this is why too many little boys in our day and age have little or no imaginations because their overly protective parents do not let them enjoy the simplicity of a good stick or rock. Of course the Darwinist would postulate that it comes from our Neanderthal background as cavemen! I do not think so. I believe it is simply the outward expression of boyhood to have a good stick or rock on hand.

I remember well my mother telling me in no uncertain terms, “If you run with that stick young man you will poke someone’s eye out!” Or how she would grumble as she emptied my pockets before doing the laundry, knowing that if she did not then she would hear the clanging of the rocks in the dryer I had treasured in my patched jean pockets. She never realized that you would have to have the stick at just the right angle and then you would have to meet the other unsuspecting person’s head at just the precise time for certain impact. Of course these kinds of miracles happen all the time in the life of young boy because it seems they are always poking someone’s eye out with a wayward stick, scrapping their knees, running in the house, or carrying a ton of rocks in their pockets to pound dents into the inside of the dyer with. I digress. My mother would often lovingly place each rock by the door where the dryer was so I could replace them in my clean jean pockets again!

Just a few years ago I opened the backdoor of our church just in time to see a trio of boys walking by with their sticks. They had scrounged them from the trash bin where I had thrown them after tripping over them for the umpteenth time. When I asked them where they had gotten their sticks from, they answered, “What sticks?” I almost immediately responded, “The one’s you will poke someone’s eye out with!” but I held my tongue. Instead, I pointed to the wooden pikes they held in their grubby hands, too which they responded, “Oh, you mean these sticks!”

My grandson has a pile of stones and sticks by the front door our house. If we are buried under a pile of ash from Mt. St. Helens in the next few days I am sure future archeologists will dig up my front door and determine that we worshipped at some shrine whereby we placed certain prized rocks and sticks! And yes, we find them in his pants pockets as well. When asked why he saves them or if we dare ask him to part with even one rock, you would think we are robbing gold from Fort Knox. Each is a prize to be kept and treasured. And in fact he cannot be outside for long without finding a wayward stick to carry, tap on things, and use with his imagination.

See, these two stories prove my point that little boys and sticks and rocks go together. In fact there may be some kind of unknown magnetism between inert discarded branches and random stones and little boys. And I am sure that just as Grog’s mom once told him a millennium ago, “You play with stick, you poke um eye out!” a future mom will declare, “You play with that stick with your anti-gravity belt and you’re gonna poke someone’s eye out!”

Sadly, in our day and age too many “adults” have lost the imagination of sticks and stones and only think of them in the politically correctness of their convoluted narrowly focused world. However, my advice is to let little boys have sticks and random rocks to treasure and play with, as long as they do not poke the dog, hit their little sister, or bonk one other on the head with them. Of course if this happens, so what? You may as well as give up now because even if you do not live where your little boy can find sticks and stones, a boy will find a stick or rock of sorts somewhere. In fact, if you ever go camping they will suddenly appear in your campsite, and fathers, you may never have to hunt for firewood or rocks to make a fire or fire pit with again!


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