Will you die from your electric meter?

Will you die from your electric meter?
by Lee Hemen
September 21, 2011

Recently Chuck Norris, yes the old time TV Texas Ranger guy, wrote an article on Townhall.com about the dangers of wireless, as in electronic, electric meters being placed on homes. First, this is nothing new. The folks behind the scare have been trying to get us all to go back to our Neanderthal granola, non-deodorant, and berry-eating days of yore for decades. He writes, “Smart meters are being stealthily installed by water, gas and electric utility companies on houses and buildings across the country, despite the fact that the majority of the public still doesn’t know about their potential health risks.” Then he goes on to say that a “rash of health issues” have ensued. While Chuck Norris may be a great conservative and Christian witness, he is first and foremost a health nut and not, to my knowledge, an electrician, radiologist, or electromagnetic engineer. To the extent that he is confused on this issue is not saying too much. Norris has read too much junk science and is passing it on as fact.

How is this article a non-starter? Let me recount the ways:

1) First, do you have electricity in your home with wiring? If so, you have radiation bombarding you every second of every day! The wiring creates a strong radiation and a electromagnetic field.

2) Do you use DSL, wireless, a remote control on your TV or any other appliance? If so, you have radiation bombarding you every second of every day. All of these operate from using radiation. If you do not have any of these things, I know many of your neighbors probably do and their homes are bombarding you with their radiation!

3) Do you watch TV, listen to the the radio, especially FM, browse the Internet using a monitor of any kind? Do you use any kind of light bulbs, and especially the newer kind of energy saving ones with the neon gas in them? If so, you have radiation bombarding you every second of every day!

4) Have you ever gone to the doctor, dentist, Safeway, Costco, WinCo, Wal-Mart or any other store? If so, you have radiation bombarding you every second of every day! It comes from their lighting, registers, and a lot of the food grown in the ground, printed boxes and labels and such. Did I mention the concrete you walk on or the brick, granite or marble counter tops or facades you might have in your home, office building, or workplace? They all emit radiation!

5) Do you drive, walk, or sleep on the face of the earth? If so, you have radiation bombarding you every second of every day. Not just from the sun, stars, and other outer space objects, but from cell, radio, and TV towers, electrical power lines, the ground, and your car! Being exposed to the solar radiation for more than 30 minutes in a day will give you more exposure to radiation than all of the dental, medical, cell phone and other radiation you will ever be exposed to in your life!

In fact, the electric meter you have always used on your home has always created a electromagnetic field in order to read the amount of energy you use, in order to mechanically turn the little dials in the meter itself! Having looked at and read some of the information contained on the web sites given by Norris, I have concluded that this is probably another fear mongering kind of thing, like the chem-trails left by jetliners poisoning us all, or ALAR in apples.
Pastor Lee Hemen has been the outspoken pastor of the same church for 25 years in Vancouver, WA. He writes regularly on spirituality and conservative causes and maintains several web blogs. This article is copyrighted © 2011 by Lee Hemen and is the sole property of Lee Hemen, and may not be used unless you quote the entire article and have my permission.


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