The New Berlin Wall

The New Berlin Wall
by Lee Hemen
November 9, 2009

While this might be the day we want to remember when the Berlin Wall fell and Communism was put on the run in Europe, it is a year we should remember that the American people’s freedoms were confiscated from them and a new wall has been erected by Democrats. Brick-by-brick the assault and loss of our freedoms are startling in their downright in-your-face attitude and actions from this White House and the Democratic party. Let me count the ways:

Censorship – Never before in the history of our nation have individuals been menaced and threatened by political parties or the reigning elite to not speak with specific news agencies, that they feel threatened by, simply because it might expose their hypocrisy and lies. And, the control of the news and information the public receives is not limited to television, but the Obama Administration has waged a war against those in the radio industry as well. They have even extended their expunging inroads into controlling the Internet and cyberspace as well. It is mind-boggling that so many in the American public are not alarmed by their tenacious efforts to censor what one hears, reads, or even thinks.

Propaganda – The complete censorship of the press has occurred with the help of willing accomplices in the media that see themselves as journalists, but who in reality have sold their collective souls for political gain and personal recognition. They have become the intelligencia of the reigning political party. Many in the mainstream media have deliberately acquiesced their own ability to critique and have fallen in line with the purveying party mantra and simply regurgitate Democratic talking points. It takes one’s breath away to see how boldly blatant both print and television have willingly given themselves over. Television news has become a conduit for having an all Obama channel all the time and print media cannot churn out its bootlicking print fast enough and has lost its ability to cast a critical eye. From the neo-communistic posters to the photo-shopped messianic photographs, the American public has been spoon-fed the pabulum of propaganda not seen since Chairman Mao.

Mass Murder – With every willing action, bill, referendum, or Executive Order this Democratically-controlled Congress and President has assaulted the unborn of our Nation and become history’s leading advocates of mass murder. Hitler and his minions were pikers compared to reigning Democrats. Literally millions of the unborn have been regulated to early unmarked graves or flushed into sewers simply because of the whim of political expediency. Who knows the impact these wanton actions have created genetically, intellectually, or scientifically on future generations?

Purveyors of Perversion – Every day that comes and goes Americans are bombarded by the purveyors of perversion from political pundits and the partners in the press. Normalcy has become the new perversion and perversion has become the new normal. Even the sacredness of marriage is assailed and redefined in order to gain votes from those who have enslaved themselves into a lifelong regurgitation of sexual selfishness. We have been sold a bill of goods and are taught at the altar of political correctness that abnormal behavior is the new civil rights. And, whether one believes in the evolution of all things or the creation of them, allowing abnormalcy in relationships ultimately leads to societal instability and developmental deficiencies. It weakens established social structure as a whole by breaking down barriers whereby nothing is seen as abnormal. Any lifestyle becomes “normal” and thereby any outcome is justified by the means of personal gratification.

Voter Fraud – The downright confiscation of the ballot box by Democrats and their sycophants like ACORN have resulted in an all out Chicago-style thuggery on a national level. What was once the hue and cry of those who were disenfranchised at the ballot box has become the national norm in elections. We now expect voter fraud and months of litigation to win elections. No more is a person’s vote a private matter, but the thugs of the ballot box can wrest through the courts the names of those who voted and how they voted and where they live. Thereby insuring a frightening scenario whereby if you do not vote the politically correct line, you will be intimidated. The dead indeed do rise in this culture of voter scam as their names are resurrected for voter lists. Cash flows like a massive river where your vote is bought and paid for under the guise of the greedy who desire to control the lives of millions so they can make their billions. The Soros scenario of behind the scenes open society socialism who wants only to control your vote so that his personal pockets of cash become deeper. It is king making at its worst.

Governmental Spending – The insane amounts of debt America and its individual citizenry has incurred through Congressional mandate is mindboggling. Millions have become billions that have become trillions. The solution of Democrats is to never tighten your belt, spend less, and save more but always to throw more cash into the sinkhole of socialism. We no longer speak of the National debt because it is no longer in vogue to do so, instead we now speak of how we can continue to tax at ever increasing higher rates those who have worked hard, saved more, and invested in this nation. Instead of discovering ways to increase productivity, jobs, and the marketplace, our government now extends unemployment benefits and enslaves future generations in the shackles of taxation. Ways are discovered in how to make as many as possible suckling dependents on the breasts of government. A womb to the tomb mentality has seized the political realm.

Global Warming Scam – All reason and smart stewardship of resources has vanished in the mist of the latest sideshow huckster science known as global warming. While the planet may be warming, it may not be because of mankind’s influence. However, we are encouraged to ignore the charlatan behind the curtain, while the real culprits causing global terrorism, waste, destruction, and ecological disaster are allowed to dance away free of any responsibility. Instead, those national bastions of industry, research, and development who have held out the lamp of hope for the entire globe are handcuffed into a new world order by third-world bureaucrats. New ecological scams are labeled as “green” in order to make the pockets of the prestidigitators of political pollution swell. The public is “Al Gored” from the classroom to the pulpit into thinking it can make a difference by recycling toilet paper or tuning down their heat and shivering in the dark. A Jimmy Carter-ism has seized the environmental intelligence of the moment.

These are just some of the bricks being placed into the new Berlin wall of our society today. What is the answer? Hold the scoundrels accountable and demand they not only tell the truth, but that they fully disclose their conduct. Tear away the curtain and expose them for what they are: Communists and socialists who want a new world order that they define whereby they are not seen for what they truly are, and what that means for future generations. Freedom is only attained as we stay vigilant and vote them out of office. Demand that we return to the Constitutional form of Government we inherited from generations past that fought and died for our freedoms. And finally, stand up for the truth even when they want to throw the bricks of the new Berlin wall at you for doing so.

Pastor Lee Hemen has been the outspoken pastor of the same church for 25 years in Vancouver, WA. He writes regularly on spirituality and conservative causes and maintains several web blogs. This article is copyrighted © 2009 by Lee Hemen and is the sole property of Lee Hemen, and may not be used unless you quote the entire article and have my permission. You now have my permission…


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