Do You Think Public Schools Are Killing America?

Do You Think Public Schools Are Killing America?
by PastorBlastor

Do you think public schools are killing America? I do. Not only are children a lot more stupid concerning current events, the way the government is suppose to work, the Constitution, but also the old standbys of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Instead they can tell you how to save the planet, how they can get pregnant, not to run, play dodge-ball, tag, or grow up as little government-run drones instead of normal children. The boys learn to take their medication, to speak softly, and to be more like girls; while the girls learn to be, well, sluts for lack of a better descriptive term. Most children are lazy, way too fat, whinny and demanding. They know more about Michael Jackson and how to pledge allegiance to President Obama than US history.

At a cost of over $12,000 per child, for every grade from kindergarten through High School in my own State of Washington, I would think we would get more bang for our tax dollar buck, but we do not. Children are baby sat instead of taught. Teachers and especially the Public School Administration are pampered and grow richer off the fat of the land teaching your children. Teacher salaries average about $60,000 per year plus benefits. Vice Principals average about $70,000 per year, plus benefits, and Principals get around $90,000 per year plus benefits. Administrators average between $95,000 to $100,000 a year plus benefits. Now remember many of these teachers have at least both spouses that teach because it has become kind of a racket to get into and they only work nine months of the year. No wait, less than eight months of the year because of “In Service Days,” time off for holidays, half days, vacation, and personal leave during the school year that many are required to use at some point in time. So, they are earning these salaries while working less than most tax payers do while earning a whole lot more than most tax payers do. They always say that “It’s for the kids!” Right. Watch the video and then tell me what you think. Do you think public schools are killing America? I do.


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