Do You Need A Vacation From Obama?

Do You Need A Vacation From Obama?
by PastorBlastor
September 2, 2006

Excuse me but I find it rather abnormal that the media has not harangued President Obama like they did President Bush when going on vacation for the umpteenth time. Didn’t he and his wife go to Hawaii, then we saw them in Paris with the kiddies, and then at the Grand Canyon, and now he recently went to Martha’s Vineyard? Wow, how many vacations does this guy need after only being in office for NINE months? Of course being the Community Organizer and Chief does take a lot out of you when you have your minions scouring the countryside looking for rascally disruptors to your latest scheme, the takeover of everyone’s healthcare. Perhaps taking over big business and big banks tires one out and he needed a break from Fascism?

I think what America needs is a vacation from Democrats. Only the deaths of Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy were able to bump the Obama-all-the-time networking off the air for the moment. Doesn’t anyone else find this as nauseating as I do? Perhaps the purging of the vitriolic unhinged hatred exhibited towards President Bush is being cleansed through the bunnies and butterflies of the surreal Nirvana of Obama-maniacs?

What do you think? Do you need a “vacation” from Obama and Democrats too?
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