The Scarecrow Is Dead…

The Scarecrow Is Dead…
by Lee Hemen
June 25, 2009

In the Wizard of Oz the Scarecrow searches for a magical wizard to give him the brains he thinks he lacks. He discovers at the end of his journey that he does not need anyone to give him what he already had inside of himself just the way he had been created. Michael Jackson’s life reflects the same sad tale of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and in a sad twist of fate, Jackson played the Scarecrow in the musical movie The Wiz. And now the Scarecrow is dead.

However, excuse me if this sounds kind of harsh, not very politically correct, and perhaps offensive to your ears, but why in the world are we celebrating someone whose life was reflected in someone who tried to stuff himself with all kinds of things and was never satisfied with who he was and how God had created him?

Jackson was just plain weird and you add to this that he was a suspected child molester, it makes one wonder at our society today. Have we fallen so far from our moral compass that we no longer see anyone with any kind of perverted proclivity as depraved? Do we excuse immoral behavior because of a person’s celebrity status?

Michael Jackson’s life was one tortured act followed by another tortured act. He could not be happy with himself, who he was, and how God had created him. While having great talent, it was truly lost and overshadowed on how he lived his tragic life. No one can watch the videos of Jackson and not go away shaking their heads in wonder at his talent. But one also is left with the searing memories of him being hauled off to jail, facing charges for molestation, and his constant addiction to altering his appearance.

It is as if anyone who can lay claim to being able to sing, dance, and be flamboyant then we will excuse and overlook any of their perversions when they die.

Death has now claimed one of the most flamboyant and odd people of the 20th century, Michael Jackson. From his being ashamed of his race, his skin color, his nose, and his overall appearance one wonders how Jackson would appear the next time you saw him. His skeleton frame, bleached skin, and surgically regenerated face, fake straightened jet black hair, left you thinking that there was certainly something very wrong with him psychologically as an individual.

It was therefore no surprise to many when it was uncovered that Jackson was having sexual encounters with children at his Wonderland estate. He lived in a different realm.

We have no idea exactly what Jackson believed spiritually. Being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, then flirting with Scientology, and any assortment of esoteric religions such as Kabala, a mystical form of Judaism, and finally a confessed conversion to Islam, Jackson had wandered far off the reservation as far as his faith was concerned. Add to this his completely odd lifestyle and the sum total of Jackson’s life is one of shambles and personal tragedy. He seems to never have been truly happy.

Perhaps his actions can be laid at the feet of a father who was domineering or being overly exposed to the entertainment industry at an early age. You often find those who enter into the Hollywood scene as normal, becoming abnormal in short order in order to fit into the altered reality of celebrity. Therefore, I find it difficult and I wince when I hear the talking heads say he is now “resting in peace.” If his death was like his life, no he isn’t. And if you add to this that his actions spoke volumes as to what he adhered to, then no one should wonder where Michael Jackson now resides. Unless I am uniformed as to another quick conversion by Jackson to yet another religious proclivity of the moment, as a Christian I suspect that he has certainly not found the happy hunting grounds.

Jackson’s death should make us as people to pause and reflect on what we truly believe and why. If we run after the things of the world, when death greets us, we may find ourselves unceremoniously, like Jackson, wrapped in a coroner’s body bag being carried out of our home and being pried open to discover what indeed did kill us. Jesus told His followers that He was the only way, the only truth, and the only life and no one came to the Father in heaven except through a belief in Him as Messiah. In fact, Jesus said that once one placed their faith in Him, they would be changed, and the world would know they had done so by their converted attitude and actions. They would now wholeheartedly love and live for God and love others as they loved themselves. Jackson was the antithesis of this.

The Scarecrow, Michael Jackson is dead. Sadly, he never found what he was searching for in life. And he will always be remembered not just for his singing, dancing, and flamboyant lifestyle, but the sad oddity of his unfulfilled life.

When death comes to you, how do you want to be remembered by those around you?

This article is the copyrighted 2009 © property of Lee Hemen and may not be copied or reproduced in any way shape or form without using the full text of this entire article, and getting the permission of its author.


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