Why are you angry at the reality they are creating for you?

Why are you angry at the reality they are creating for you?
By Lee Hemen
March 20, 2009

I feel like I am living in some kind of theme park or alternate reality, but sadly I am not. I find it fascinating that people are so outraged because they do not want to reason, but react with their emotions instead. They want us to get disturbed over a few managers getting what was already agreed to instead of an incompetent Administration and neo-communistic Congress! Getting upset over a pittance of $165 million in taxpayer-backed contractual compensation packages spent by AIG to their employees is extremely idiotic. Not only did the Treasury Department’s tax-cheating Timothy Geithner know about it, he encouraged the language be placed in the bill to give out these contracted bonuses. In fact, Democrat Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, the Banking Committee chairman by the way, had it placed specifically back in the bill after the House had taken out the language! Or, why not get mad at the $85 billion in September, $37.8 billion in October; $40 billion in November; $30 billion in early March, “which,” as Michelle Malkin writes, “took place with the assent of a Republican administration, a Democratic administration and the congressional leadership of both parties”? Welcome to the Lollypop Guild.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have become the 21st century version of “Our Gang.” They are willingly bankrupting our nation for their own political proclivities. Because of them and their union cronies, we have another $5 billion dumped into the auto industry. Not to mention another $8.5 trillion in bailout by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, Treasury and Federal Housing Administration rescues; not including the $5.2 trillion in Fannie and Freddie portfolios; the $50 billion to bail out home owners and lenders who made bad home loans; and another $2.5 trillion on the next big banking bailout, which would draw on the second $350 billion of the TARP! This does not include the House passing another $6 billion volunteerism bill to help liberal community organizer groups like ACORN. Then there is the global warming scam of “cap and trade” of Obama Fuhrer that will cost $2 trillion dollars and health care which is estimated to cost $1.5 trillion over the next decade. Did I mention the $410 billion spending bill passed two weeks ago? And Congress has not even addressed Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare! Want to buy some bread for a wheelbarrow full of money? They will not be able to print currency fast enough. Welcome to the wonderful world of Democrat socialism.

AIG’s $165 million in payments to its employees amounts to less than 1/18,500 of the $3.1 trillion federal budget. It’s less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the bailout money given to AIG alone. Where is the outrage that both houses of Congress allowed over $9,000 in pay raises for themselves when their constituents are being laid off? Where is the outrage over the flagrant spending of Congress and the Whitehouse that is going to bankrupt this nation for centuries? Party on, dudes!

I find it hilarious that the neo-communists of the left frothed at the mouth, ranted and raved over a $1 billion dollar deficit, but there is nary a peep out of their bespectacled beaks over a $4 trillion dollar one by their beloved messiah. We watch as Democrat Barney Frank simpers selfishly at the camera, feigning anger, and is truly guilty over his own perverted incompetence in orchestrating this mess. While Rome burned Caesar fiddled in the flames, while America goes up in smoke our President goes and does a gig on late night TV expressing ginned-up rage. He will sign into law the wanton killing and harvesting of the unborn for stem cell research, but by golly his children will get their genetically engineered puppy! Don’t think about the mess your nation has been drug into, have another cocktail at a Wednesday night Obama Whitehouse bash.

Misplaced resentment by both Frank and Obama over the disaster this Administration and Congress has created sounds as phony as the picture of the smug smile plastered on his ivy league face. Perhaps the President can teleprompt us with more platitudes into another plane of existence? So far he is the worst President this country has ever put into its trust. I pray that we can survive until the mid-term elections and vote some of these nincompoops out. Maybe we can then enter back into reality.

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3 responses to “Why are you angry at the reality they are creating for you?

  1. Unfortunately, so long as the discussion continues to be framed as “Democrats vs Republicans” (instead of Haves vs Have Nots) and the incredible difference between communism (red, pink, neo or otherwise) and “DEMOCRATIC socialism” gets pushed to the “kids table”, I guess those who share the sentiments of the author are guaranteed an ongoing entertaining laugh out-loud experience.

    • Class distinction is not the problem. It is not a “have and have not” discussion and never was. Only those who want a classless society want this and that is impossible. You cannot have ultimate human achievement without having distinctions and classes. Otherwise you have nothing to strive for in life, nor do you have a purpose as a society. Communism failed because it was not and is not about uplifting people. It is about control. People simply do not think alike nor do they want the same things in life. Freedom is best found and developed in a free society whereby anyone can achieve what they can dream and they are allowed and encouraged to do so. (Of course this would and always should be under the law.) Just my own thoughts…

  2. llabesab


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