Hey Baby, Let the Good Times Roll… For the Obamas!

Hey Baby, Let the Good Times Roll… For the Obamas!
By Lee Hemen
March 7, 2009

Since Barack Hussein Obama has taken office as President, the Stock Market has slid almost 4,000 points, unemployment has reached a 27 year high, families are forced out of their homes into the streets, and retirees have lost over half their income, but Barack still parties hardy like Marie Antoinette! Velvet chocolate cake anyone? His excuse? He gets “lonely” and wants the same lavish party lifestyle he enjoyed in Chicago. And who can begrudge him? The arm-twisting tactics of old-style Chicago should not be wasted. Shady deals can still be made with a DC party attitude, a smile, and a hand shake. All of this within two months. What a guy!

So what if you lost your job, your stocks tanked, and your business is going to be taxed into oblivion, Barack has only your best interests at heart. He brings hope and change. Remember they have to settle for a designer dog, Michelle’s exclusive clothes, the most exclusive private school, and you may want to shed a tear. After all Barack now has to depend on an electronic teleprompter, staged camera shoots, and prewritten questions for the press — but he will try to get by.

Look at all the great things Barack Hussein Obama has done for you:

Largest drop of the Stock Market in US history.

Largest loss of personal wealth in the history of the United States.

A 4 to 10 trillion dollar deficit!

A 800 billion dollar bailout for the banks.

A 40 billion dollar bailout for the auto industry and unions.

Another 900 billion dollar bailout for the banks.

Another 20 billion dollar bailout for the auto industry and unions.

The largest US Governmental budget in the history of the United States! It is so large that it would pay for all the wars the US has ever fought and would cover all the budgets to date in our Nations’ history!

Over 900 million dollars for the terrorist group Hamas, um… the Palestinians.

Over 9,000 ear marks in the budget when Obama promised there “would be no ear marks” and he then later related in his State of the Union that there were “none.”

Billions more in bailouts for deadbeats, illegals, and those who bought houses and got loans who knew they could not pay them back.

The reinstitution of the old Welfare system whereby States get more money if they increase their Welfare rolls.

Paid for abortions by the Federal Government in foreign nations and for the Military.

Did away with don’t ask don’t tell for complete open gay lifestyles in the Military.

Stem cells taken from live human embryos that will be murdered and harvested for their stem cells.

The utter disrespect of Great Britain, not once but twice.

Secret deal with Russia to do away with our defensive missile protection shield.

All of this within the first two months! It makes one wonder how Barack could have taken time away from his Wednesday night parties to do so much for the American people, doesn’t it? And you thought we were still a democratic republic didn’t you? Hey baby, let the good times roll… for the Obamas! So long and farewell to your house, job, and retirement!

This article is the copyrighted 2009 © property of Lee Hemen and may not be copied or reproduced in any way shape or form without using the full text of this entire article, and getting the permission of its author.


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