The Grim Reaper that’s Obama!

The Grim Reaper that’s Obama!
by Lee Hemen
February 20, 2009

While the Obama administration uses our Nation’s economy as a social experiment, we find that those who actually know how to run and invest in business that makes jobs for Americans have already voted with their pocketbooks. The Stock Market has taken the worst dive in the history of the nation. This has occurred after Obama’s economic stimulus plan and after every time he makes a major speech on the economy. He is the quintessential albatross of economic development.

I related before the election that Obama would be the most hated President since Carter and folks wondered why I would say such a thing?

Well, so long to your retirement income you greedy rich bourgeois you! When you have stocks that were once worth $100 a share that are now less than $2 a share, and over a 4 trillion dollar deficit looming on the horizon, you have a recipe for economic disaster. This does not take into account the Social Security train wreck headed our way. And, Obama just cannot help himself, he cannot say anything good about America at a time when people need words of encouragement. Even his hero FDR knew how to inspire. Obama only knows gloom and doom. Every time he stands to speak I wince because it is as if the Grim Reaper has come.

I wonder how many more days we have to live?


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