Obammessiah: The 44th Savior of the World or Atypical Political Antichrist?

Obammessiah: The 44th Savior of the World or Atypical Political Antichrist?

By Lee Hemen

January 23, 2009


Does the air seem sweeter? Does the sun shine brighter? For some they actually think it does since the 44th “savior” has been elected. We all laughed at the idiotic statement of a young black woman who declared that if Obama was elected she would have “free gas” and that her mortgage would be paid. But folks this mind-numbing stupidity influenced a lot of people here who voted for him and the world at large. Think I am kidding? Well take for instance what occurred in both Kenya and France.


In Kenya national celebrations and festivals were held during Obammessiah’s coronation. One overwhelmed drunk declared, “This man is Jesus! When will he come to Kenya to save us?”  Literally millions of Kenyans around the country “thronged giant TV screens or crammed into bars to watch the inauguration of a man viewed as Kenya’s best hope of a prosperous and happy future.” Oh really? Yes, you read this right. In fact in their simplistic theological minds as one Kenyan declared they believe that “Now he is president we will get food and jobs!” As Rob Crilly in Nairobi, writing for the Times states, “While Barack Hussein Obama may have been elected by American voters, here he is viewed as a Kenyan president. And Kenyan politicians are supposed to look after their own.”


“The Kenya National Theatre even revived its hit show Obama: The Musical, which wowed sell-out audiences during the US election last year. It uses parallels with the Bible Story and Obammessiah’s own struggles with racism and drugs ­ documented in his neo-communistic memoir Dreams From My Father – to portray the incoming President as a savior for downtrodden peoples of the world.”


“It is right that when people get power they look after their family, so we know that Obama will build lots of good things for us, like schools and roads and clinics!” declared another Kenyan who just had watched the musical. Will he also walk on water, feed the five-thousand, and raise the dead?


The French went ballistic in their orgasmic adulation of Obammessiah. A “holy man”, in the words of Judith, a black French-American woman: “Obama is our new prophet, he is the Messiah, he is Jesus, he is going to save America, our country will guide the entire world, he will perform miracles, I am sure that in the Bible, they must be talking about him…” Total adoration for Obammessiah was also heard from Jean, a middle-aged man: “For me, the president of the U.S.A. is the future of the world and our savior, you’ll see that thanks to him the financial crisis will be settled, the Arabs and the Jews will make peace, he will give birth to a new era. Normally I don’t believe in miracles, but with him, I do.” See? They do believe he will perform miracles.


Now least you think this is limited to foreign nations, you are sadly mistaken. During the coronation of Obammessiah people wept, declared he was their savior, and that his presidency was “miraculous” as well. You might think this is because they see that a half-black man being elected to the Presidency of America is to them is indeed “miraculous,” but it does not explain the total adulation and fawning of the media elite, the Hollywood perverts, and many of the masses who voted for him.


Remember that MSNBC has been the All-Obama Network for over a year, with Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews vying with one another for being the top Obamaite sycophantic disciple. It was Matthews who had a chill go up his leg over Obammessiah. Jayne Caroll of the Hillsboro Argus in Oregon accurately notes that “Adulation of President-elect Barack Obama has become so mainstream that criticism of absolutely anything about him at this stage of worship is likely to be perceived as irreverent and sacrilegious.” She goes on to state that “For many, Barack Obama is already the greatest president in American history, and if and when he doesn’t succeed, his friends in the media will still place all the blame on President Bush. “ She is correct in her assessment. All we have left to do is find palm branches to throw at his donkey’s feet as he rides into the Capitol. Just wait until he give the State of the Union address. Get ready for the gushing now. We may have to make room for another gospel.


Yet we forget that this is the “savior” who vacations at high end Hawaiian resorts reserved only for the social upper crust while the rest of us peons here back in the rest of the”57” States of America withered in the freezing cold and face a recession brought about by liberal financial policies. His wife, Michellemessiah dresses herself in gaudy gowns designed by the darlings of designers, and even their children are decked out in tailor-made clothing. Obammessiah rides in style and wears better than Brooks Brother suits. He now demands a high end Blackberry and that only photos supplied by his team be used for his press meetings. Is he really a savior or an atypical political antichrist? I think the latter.


This article is copyrighted © 2008 by Lee Hemen and if you reprint it, reproduce it, or want to use it in any way, you must do so in its entirety or get the written permission of its author.



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2 responses to “Obammessiah: The 44th Savior of the World or Atypical Political Antichrist?

  1. great article

    no sunshine in the White Castle

    In Florida our “Sunshine Laws” provide citizen access to information.

    I just wrote about Obama’s broken transparency

    I like your blog

    care to exchange reciprocal blogroll links?

    If yes, post a comment on my blog letting me know

    with respect


  2. Robert

    Hosanna heysanna sanna saana ho, sanna heysanna hosanna!

    Tell the rabble to be quiet. We anticipate a riot!

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