The Slime and Shame of Liberalism On Display

The Slime and Shame of Liberalism On Display

By Lee Hemen

January 22, 2009


Folks I have got to say that as a political spectacle, the inauguration of Barrack Hussein Obama was a grand affair. As a statement that it will be memorable in the mind of folks, well I guess it depends on your expectations. If you like being a part of huge liberal crowds of people who want to give only lip service to living green but leave behind literally mounds of trash carelessly discarded, then you were happy. If you wanted a inaugural address that was rousing, made you feel like change was on the wind, and America was a grand and great nation still full of folks who can dig in and get busy, well you went away wanting to commit suicide.


President Obama’s address was in all intent and purpose quite dreary. It sounded like rehashed old campaign catch phrases that he wanted to get in just one more time. There was nothing new or remotely inspiring about its message. The throngs that waited with baited breath to hear their man of the hour, the messiah of the moment, the greatest person since JFK to give them a message of hope or a message that truly inspired had to go away with a mind numbing buzzing in their heads realizing that they had heard it all before many times as Obama ran for election. And this is very telling of what his presidency will be like.


The very next day we witnessed his confused and rather odd signing of an Executive Order to do away with Gitmo. However, the language and the intent of the order he was signing he himself did not fully understand nor did he know all of its content. He had to ask his advisers what he was signing. He did what his handlers dictated he do. This has been the legacy of Obama’s entire political career. It has not changed nor will it. When others have tried to let the American public know of his shallowness and simplicity of thought, we were pooh-poohed as hate mongers or worse as perhaps being racist. I fear we will discover that Obama is a media made man. He cannot string together two congenant sentences to save himself.


And least I am accused of not giving the man a chance, he had plenty of opportunity as Senator to do the people’s will but he saw that office as a stepping stone for his betterment and as a career enhancement for what his handlers truly wanted: The White House. Now they have it. Now they also have a man who cannot think on his own and dear readers that is exactly what they wanted in this Manchurian Candidate.


The other total surprise to me was how the First Lady allowed herself to be dressed. It was like something out of Gone With the Wind, and I wondered to myself when I saw her: “What hotel room was missing its gaudy yellow drapes?” While I may not be a professioonal designer, and most of the gowns worn by all of the First Ladies have been rather odd looking to say the least, Michelle Obama’s ball gown looked as if it was bought for the prom instead of a Presidential Ball. At least her children were better dressed.


If this offends your sensitivities, too bad. Be prepared for more because I for one do not intend on giving this President a break. I desire his policies to utterly fail. I want the Democrats in the Senate and House to lose their majorities in two years. Why? Because these folks represent a meanness and ill-spirited segment of society that is reinforced by the likes of Representative Pelosi and Senator Kerry. We witnessed and heard it when the sleazy crowds of liberal hecklers could not give the outgoing President the quiet respect and the dignity the office of Presidency deserves. They were not happy in just booing President Bush, they also had to deface his father’s statue and monument. This is the utter slime of liberalism.


I for one was thoroughly disgusted in the spectacle, the huge sums of money spent, and the gushing reverence with which the day was approached by the fawning media, Democrats, and liberals in general. And as one last sorry parting shot by now President Obama and his bride at the military men and women who have been fighting for our freedom, they simply could not find the time to go to the Medal of Honor Ball, but they made sure they were seen at the gala given by the MTV crowd. Telling? I think so. And this is a person we are supposed to give a break to? Please.

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2 responses to “The Slime and Shame of Liberalism On Display

  1. Paul Babs

    Clearly you are not in support of Obama, no worries. This political rant of yours is a distraction, focus on the word and the building of God’s people through wholesome teaching of the word and stay out of politics. Remember John the Baptist, he strayed from the centre of Gods will and got involved in the infidelity of the king, the result was he got his head cut off……enough said.

    • By your comment, you do not know Christian history nor the Christian history of America. I honestly believe that by the time Obama and the Democrats are finished most of America will be screaming for their ouster.

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