The Cultural Christian Shift: Obama’s Social Christianity

The Cultural Christian Shift: Obama’s Social Christianity
By Lee Hemen
December 15, 2008

When Obama becomes President expect a cultural shift in Christianity to prevail. This will result in disaster for the unborn, poor, and elderly in this country. Why? Because it is the same stance that many atheists take. Dinesh D’Souza writes that “Many of the new atheists… want to get rid of Christianity but keep core Christian values. Richard Dawkins has even identified himself as a ‘cultural Christian.’” Cultural Christians are atheists who want to be seen as “moral” without having to mess with God. Many liberals subscribe to this belief as well. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are such individuals. They belonged to a church and aggressively defended its theology of black racist propaganda of liberation theology. Liberation theology takes the deity from Christ and gives Him a mantle instead of being loving and kind and working to better the poverty stricken and downtrodden. For them, Jesus came to feed the poor and liberate the masses. Never mind that He died on the cross for people’s sins, after all that probably was a made up story perpetuated by fanatic disciples who wanted Him to be their king.

If you are not closely watching this indeed is a scary event. The United States will have for the first time someone who is openly for redefining the sanctity not only of marriage, human life, but the very fabric of what constitutes morality as well. Morality will be redefined not from a biblical foundation but from the benefit of what its “goodness” imposes on society as a whole. What is good for the masses, not what makes one godly. We have seen this convoluted form of social Christianity in China by the sanctioned State churches there. After slaughtering millions of adherent Christians, both the Soviet Union and China redefined what it meant to be “Christian.” Germany did the same under Hitler’s Nazi socialism.

Atheistic cultural Christianity tries to define itself within the context of society at the moment. What are the government’s dictates? Therefore benefiting the poor only is important as long as it is beneficial for society as a whole. Regulations must be followed first. The elderly will be seen as a hindrance to the future State because they cannot effectively produce. Only those who can efficiently contribute will be allowed to survive. The infirm, sick, or diseased will be seen as a drag on the economy and socialized medicine will thin them out of the herd. All of this will be done with great sympathy for the individual but with an eye as to how it benefits society. It will be seen as “compassionate” to take the infirm person’s life. After all, do they seriously want to take up space for more productive people?

This is why it is very easy for cultural Christians to ignore the slaughter of unborn innocents. They do not vote nor do they contribute. They only “hinder” an individual’s “freedom” of the moment. It is easy to kill those that cannot speak for themselves and we do not have to see the messiness of how they are silenced. The ends will justify the means. The greatest good. Compassion will be given to the unwed mother or the promiscuous female who desires her own “freedom” over that of a blob of flesh.

Cultural Christianity in the Obamanation will result in trickle up poverty and diluted delusional societal morality. It will have a veneer of compassion but a heart of the communal bottom line. We will see a new mobster thug rule as we do now in Russia and have caught glimpses of coming out of Chicago.

Obama and his flock are dangerous because they actually see him as the answer to the human condition of this country. He has already assumed the mantle of his minions. He is the newborn Messiah born from community organization, without a spiritual set of core values that are biblically based. He is liberated from these old constraints and will dictate a brave new world of his own making. He, with the help of his Team Obama, will redefine for us what it means to be culturally appropriate as Christians. We and our children will suffer the consequences of it. Cultural Christianity will mandate that historical faith is no longer valid, narrow minded, and barbaric. His disciples will spread out to take the word to the unwashed and to thwart anyone who disagrees with his brand of political spirituality. It will be called social activism.

Sadly, much of today’s modern church and its emergent followers have given Obama all he needs to succeed. It is and will be hard to quell the sated mob with reason when selfishness rules the marketplace of ideas. Feelings and emotions will replace reason and faith. It already has for many. It is easier to follow a CEO than living responsibly for the Lord. Just give the masses what they want and keep them happy for the moment. Be ready for the cultural Christian shift.
This article is copyrighted © 2008 by Lee Hemen and if you reprint it, reproduce it, or want to use it in any way, you must do so in its entirety or get the written permission of its author.



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2 responses to “The Cultural Christian Shift: Obama’s Social Christianity

  1. Larry Who

    G. Campbell Morgan wrote: The church patronized is the church paralyzed, therefore, the church in peril. The church persecuted is the church prayerful, and therefore powerful.

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