Bigoted and Hatemonger Christophobes Burn Church!

Bigoted and Hatemonger Christophobes Burn Church!
By Lee Hemen
December 14, 2008

Bigoted and hatemonger Christophobes burn Sarah Palin’s church and do you hear any a condemnation from the liberal media or liberals? Does anyone seriously think that the news of Obama’s church home for over 20 years, Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, would have gotten the same slap in the face the mainstream media has placed Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska if it was burned by arson? We would have had to endure monotonous rantings about how hateful and horrendous conservatives were for encouraging the destruction. There would have been calls for an investigation by the Feds, Congressman after Congressman would have come out before the cameras to dourly look mournfully into the camera lens and utter their dismay. Story after story would have been done to tout how Nazi-like tactics were used by conservatives that encouraged the destruction and just how horrible it was and how many other black churches were destroyed by such strong arm tactics. But when Christophobic liberals burn a mostly white church is it a hate crime? Is it considered racist? Is it seen as unconscionable? Bigoted against Christians? Or against Palin herself? The liberal press yawns and secretly thinks, “They deserve what they get.”

This is the way of all liberals. If you disagree with them, you are a hateful homophobic monster with Nazi tendencies, and if you are a Christian, you deserve what you get. Thus the flagrant double standard of all liberalism and the war that is now being waged against all Christians. If you do not believe me, you are asleep at the wheel and need a good dose of reality. Liberalism hates anything that is decent, moral, patriotic or normal. Liberalism’s ugly head of discrimination has reared itself for full view as liberal investigators spread money around trying to find anything against Sarah Palin and her family. They tried to spread ungodly rumor that Palin’s daughter’s baby secretly was hers. When that did not work the vile and bile got ratcheted up a notch and it was a the result of incest. Palin was then branded as a vengeful cheerleader ex-beauty queen out to get a poor defenseless law enforcement officer who was only doing his public duty. Never mind he was an egomaniac who used his power to abuse his family and spouse.

The putrid stench of liberalism and its cohorts in the mainstream press will continue to vomit out its derangement. Not satisfied with unsuccessfully souring every living soul against President Bush, it will spew its bile to try and ruin anyone it sees as a threat. Meaning anyone that is truly decent. This brings me to my final argument concerning the media: If Bush had friends, ministers, or associates that smelled with even a hint of the stink of corruption that Obama has, they would be having a field day. Saturday Night Live would be doing comedic sketch after sketch on Bush’s corrupt buddies. His terrorist associations, his real estate cronies, goof-ball Nazi-style ministers, and his association with Chicago gangsta-style political buddies he personally endorsed. We had to suffer literally weeks and weeks of how Bush’s National Guard service wasn’t real and he was just a drunk after all, we now hear nothing concerning Obama’s not releasing his college transcripts, his real birth certificate, nor his radical associations and corrupt friends of Rezco and Blagojevich. Do you seriously think that Republicans would get the same pass as Obama is getting right now? A good example of this is the corruption taking place in Minnesota’s Senatorial race. Hear anything from the mainstream press about the underhanded Communistic tactics of Democrats there? Not a peep.

The burning of Palin’s church shows exactly what liberals are made of and who they truly are. Not one has issued a public statement condemning the fire. No one from the mainstream press to Obama himself. No one from the Democratic Party. This is typical of liberalism and Democrats in general and why I am glad I left that political party years ago. Hypocrite racist Christophobes all.
This article is copyrighted © 2008 by Lee Hemen and if you reprint it, reproduce it, or want to use it in any way, you must do so in its entirety or get the written permission of its author.

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