Unconscionable Liars and Morally Reprehensible Politicians

Unconscionable Liars and Morally Reprehensible Politicians
By Lee Hemen
October 17, 2008

Democrats and especially those the likes of a Barack Obama or a Joe Biden leave me wondering if the American public has lost their ability to think. I am awed by their boldness in relating lies and spinning them into a web of personal truth. I guess I am still naive enough to think that politicians should not lie to those whose votes they want. But these two men have turned the lack of truth telling into an art form. Words mean things. These men have shown the American public exactly what it means to say one thing and do, live, or believe another. As my Daddy used to say, “If their lips are moving, they are lying.” And this is the fact of both Biden and Obama.

Obama is a quintessential lie machine. He stoically looks into the camera and lies about his relationship to a extremely radical and racist pastor of 20 years. It almost takes one’s breath away at the audaciousness of its turbidity. How can anyone in good conscience say they sat in worship with, was married by, and was spiritually mentored by someone who is so racist and extreme but never realized the man’s views? This goes beyond credibility! Is Obama that dense or is he lying to us? I suspect the latter. If he is that dense Obama should not be trusted to be dogcatcher, let alone the President of the United States of America!

Obama lies about his view of abortion, which is the most extreme and grotesque of any Democrat in Congress. If his views of the taking of human life and the wanton use of abortion were printed in Nazi journals from World War II people would be shocked, ill at ease, and made queasy. From his own past words from the floor of the Illinois Senate and his own campaign rhetoric Obama has relentlessly related that he sees a baby, at any stage of development, including live birth, as a “punishment” and should be able to be killed at the whim of the mother. This is shocking to me since this is the ultimate civil rights issue. Those who are totally innocent and  unable to speak for themselves are being slaughtered in the name of “pro-choice.” What choice does the truly innocent unborn or born victim here have?

Obama lies about past relationships that he has eloquently bragged about in his autobiographies. Bomb toting, cop-killing, radical Marxist/Leninist extremist organizers that he served on community boards with, endorsed their radical writings, and launched his own political career in their home! Obama’s own community organizing skills were used by such voter fraud groups as ACORN to train people on how best to intimidate gangster-style and gain access politically for their radical ideals.

Obama’s lying even extends to his unwillingness to release his actual birth certificate, college records, and college writings so they can be read. Why? His own Kenyan grandmother admitted she watched him being born in Kenya and that he was later taken to Hawaii. This is so fundamental and innocuous as to be ridiculous, but Obama fights any attempt to allow it to happen. We have known every little supposedly dirty detail of every candidate’s life, including every distortion concerning Sarah Palin’s life, but we dare not ask to see Obama’s college records, writings, and his birth certificate? It should make one wonder what in the world is Barack Hussein Obama hiding that he is so desperate not to have them released at any cost? Several lawsuits have been filed by the Obama organization to keep these records sealed. Others are trying to get them freed under campaign laws, the Freedom of Information Act, and by Federal lawsuits. If Obama is an American citizen, wouldn’t he want to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt instead of fighting it so vigorously? Most lawyers and thesis candidates are eager for anyone to read their mind-numbing deductions, it is usually the only opportunity for a captive audience to be used, but not Obama. Doesn’t any politician you know want their views and writings read? Perhaps not Biden, who loves to take credit for other people’s lives, but should not someone as articulate and well-versed as Obama is supposed to be want to?

Why does Obama lie about who supports him? On Obama’s own web site we find “self-proclaimed Marxists/Communists/Socialists for the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency.” They relate that “By no means is he a true Marxist, but under Karl Marx’s writings we are to support the party with the best interests of the mobilization of the proletariat.” (Isn’t that comforting?) For them, this election year it is “Barack Obama because his views and past record support their views.” The Communist Party USA’s newspaper is defending Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama against potential defectors on the left, saying his candidacy represents a “broad multi-class, multicultural movement.” Why would these groups go to such lengths when in the past they have never supported a national candidate from either major party, only their own candidates? The Young Communist League is also actively involved in all major cities and college campuses handing out Obama fliers, buttons, and campaign literature. Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega, the head of the Marxist Sandinista Liberation Front, says “Obama’s presidential bid is a ‘revolutionary’ phenomenon in the United States because he will bring great change that will offer justice and equality toward all. In other words, socialism and a redistribution of wealth.” Yet, Obama says that to bring this up is smear tactics. Why?

Did you know that all major Islamic groups in America are supporting Obama? In fact, they have related over and over again that they see him as “one of our own.” Muslims around the world see Obama as “Muslim.” And did you know that Obama has received contributions from Islamic groups around the world? Some of the funds were returned, but not all. And there is strong evidence showing that there are severe legal questions concerning campaign contributions to Obama. Obama has received questionable funds from sources that his campaign refuses to release where they come from, and many are suspected to be from foreign contributors which are illegal under American election laws. Now, least you think that I believe Obama is a secret Islamist, I do not at all. However, I do believe that many Muslims do and Barack Hussein Obama has done little to quell their protracted view.

Contrary to what he would have you believe, Obama has not and did not sponsor any legislation in the few years he has served as a United States Senator. Yet, we are to believe he has the ability and intelligence to be President? Look into the Congressional Record or go Google it and you will discover that there is no legislation from Obama as a US Senator. None. However the little legislation that does exist from his Illinois days is rather extreme and liberal. I bet few who are voting for him realize the extent of his liberalism there and how he has earned the moniker from NARAL and other groups like this as the “most liberal Senator in the US Senate.”

I would imagine that few who see Obama and an agent for change know that in a bold-faced Chicago-style thug campaign tactics he manipulated his way into the Illinois Senate and did so with the US Senate as well. He is now trying the same strong armed underhanded rhetoric by simply lying until you believe what he says it true. If you lie loud and long enough, people will believe the lie is the truth. Right? Incredulously, Obama has even brazenly tried to tie his opponent John McCain to the Communist bomb bragging terrorist radical that is his own friend and mentor mentioned above!

But Obama’s running mate Joe Biden is not above obfuscating with the truth either.  Biden has lied about being shot down in a helicopter in Afghanistan that was really forced down due to snow and no one onboard was ever in danger at anytime. Except to listening to him for several hours while playing cards waiting for the storm to pass.

Biden cannot see himself for what he truly is. In his mind he has evidently built up this personification of himself. Why would I say that? Biden has lied about being an average Joe, when the very places he cites he has never visited! No one can ever remember seeing Biden buying two-by-fours at the local Home Depot, or eating at a diner in Delaware that has not been in business for years. I suppose Mr. “Plagiarism” Biden should be careful what stories he concocts to who and when. Biden still relates that the man involved in his wife and daughter’s fatal car accident was intoxicated when in fact the accident was due to severe weather conditions, and the other driver implicated was cleared of any wrong doing.

I am sorry if this offends some of your sensibilities out there, but Biden reminds me of the quintessential old-time Senator in the fancy suit, with the slicked-backed hair plugs, that comes into town, shakes hands, pats women on the “head,” kisses babies, smiles and “blowtificates.” (My word.) He has done this so much that he has adopted a plastic personification of what a Senator is supposed to be to the “little people” in fly-over land. He is genuine only to himself and what motivates him. He no longer can see the reality of America, but only a political view that has been promoted by his Party. There will be no change from his potentate vantage point.

I have to be honest and relate to you that while I am not overwhelmingly fond of John McCain, I do see his voting record has remained consistent in areas that concern me such as abortion and pork-barrel spending. It was also McCain who desperately tried to warn the Senate about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how deregulating them would cause what it did. He even co-sponsored legislation to reform them, but Democrats like Biden and Obama voted against it and it was defeated. He has stood up against his own Republican Party when Republicans gained control of both houses and began to act like Democrats on a  drunken spending binge. McCain tried to reign in their pork-barrel politics, but was defeated by his own party. And, unlike Obama who has accepted questionable campaign funds, McCain has not and in fact tried to reform funding with his Campaign Finance Bill, which he may regret now. McCain may be a hothead and say things off the cuff, but one thing he is not and that is a liar.

Words mean things and for someone who wants to lead a nation to look into a camera and so easily lie and allow others to lie for them about his past, his beliefs, and his values is unconscionable and morally reprehensible. Obama and Biden are both in my book.

This article is copyrighted © 2008 by Lee Hemen and if you reprint it, reproduce it, or want to use it in any way, you must do so in its entirety or get the written permission of its author.


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