Understanding Neo-Communism…

by Lee Hemen
September 5, 2008

Why would it be important for today’s people to be reintroduced to Communism? The answer for today’s election cycle is extremely important because of the candidates that are running and the vastly different ideologies involved. Democrats and their philosophy of government, what it does, and how it should relate to people has much in agreement to the Communist ideal. And, when you have a candidate like Barack Obama that admits he has been heavily influenced by those Communist mentors such as radical Frank Marshall Davis, “Weatherman” William Ayers, and Marilyn “SDS” Katz, who “serves on his national finance committee,” that adhere to these ideals it becomes very important for the reader to understand what Communism is all about.

Communism is not dead. It is not some outdated belief of old bearded men in a smoked filled room. It is very much alive and well and influences many of our discussions as a nation. We find it in the Anarchist movement that tried to disrupt the RNC, environmental groups, and disguised as community groups such as ACORN. But let’s remind ourselves of its proclivities, shall we?

It is first of all an ungodly system. Why? Because at its core is the basic belief: “There is no God.” Man is the center of this ideology. Its focus is the teaching that the individual does not exist, only the community (State) does because for Communism “man” is reduced to a communal ideal. What is best for the individual, is first and foremost what is best for the State. Man exists for the State and is dependent upon the State to take care of him.

A second ideal of Communism is that of its peculiar view of materialism. The ideas of love, honor, courage, and loyalty exist only as they are defined by the Communistic society as a whole and as they benefit its paradigm. Man exists for the here and now. To benefit the cause of all. Utopia is reached when people realize their worth only as a part of the whole as it exists for the moment. Individual education therefore is seen only as it benefits the “grandeur” scheme of the State.

The third ideal of Communism is that since there really is no God, then what determines mankind is personal possession. We would call it “greed.” Communism calls it “Economic Determination.” This greed drives the individual and therefore personal possession is inherently evil because it causes individuals to desire more and more things which takes away from the ultimate benefit of the State. Everyone should “work according to their ability and give to each according to his need.” The “common” good of society. Therefore the State must regulate all possessions, all power, all authority, and leadership for the good of the whole, otherwise the individual would begin to think selfishly of themselves first. The State becomes everything and the answer to every problem. A “womb to the tomb” philosophy whereby the individual is totally dependent upon the State to take care of them.

Since Communism claims these truths for its core, it has kept literally billions of people enslaved to the State, and has slaughtered millions of people for the good of the State. In the Communist State there is no self-determination, no individuality, and no personal achievement. One lives and moves and has their being in the State. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

If these ideas sound vaguely familiar they should. They are part and parcel of the Democratic platform for the past seventy years. Social structuring of people has been practiced by Communist socialism for decades. National Socialism (Nazism) justified itself as a higher form of Communism by mixing into it core beliefs of genetics and nationalistic pride. Millions were slaughtered for the “good” of the State. Marx riled against the bourgeoisie and for the proletariat. He saw it as a continuing “struggle” or fight to be waged on all fronts: Intellectual, spiritual, material, and psychological. In the Soviet Union, again, millions were slaughtered for the “good” of the State. The same was true for China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and any place where Communism found fertile ground. Sadly, we find this in the class envy struggle perpetrated by today’s Democratic Party. Whether it is the Communism of Hitler’s Germany, Lenin’s Russia, or today’s Maoist China, all forms of Communism have at their core the beliefs I have described above.

There is a “new” Communism, a Neo-Communism, in today’s world that is rearing its ugly head. It has disguised itself in a button-down Brooks Brothers manner as compassionate and caring for the individual and their family. But is it? In today’s Neo-Communism the State also knows best what is paramount for the individual. Since the State replaces God, and He does not exist anyway, except in an intellectual sense, something like abortion is not seen as inherently evil or as the taking of a sacred human life. Life is redefined and it becomes the individual’s “right to choose” which is ultimately for the benefit of all.

Since God is redefined and personhood is redefined, only those who are a productive part of society should be allowed to live. It is easy then to tout euthanasia as a “personal choice” to rid society of “unwanted” or “unproductive” individuals. The unborn that are an inconvenience, the elderly that are inefficient to self or culture, or those who desire to take their own lives as a “heroic” way to show that they are willing to get out of the way of future generations and not be a “burden” to the State. Remember the words of Barack Obama who said he would not want to see his own daughter’s “burdened with a mistake.” The Democratic Party has sought to redefine the struggle by restructuring personal freedoms by telling people that they should be willing to benefit all people by making personal sacrifices. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We are all part of one grand experiment. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But it is the ugly hydra of Neo-Communism.

Education is seen as a means to an end. Communism sees education as a way whereby the State benefits with trained indoctrinated future workers. And the State knows best on how to program your children. Public Schools are touted as a means to freely educate the masses and as a glorified babysitting service. The State is more than willing to oblige. Education of the populace is seen by Communism as a means to place individuals in the best slot for the good of the State. We now have Democrats endorsing the idea of taking your children out of your home at three years old and beginning to indoctrinate and position them into the most productive niche for their future work within the State. The State will determine how many, who, what kind of jobs, and if your child gets the education for it or not. Do not believe me? In Washington State colleges like the University of Washington have already been gearing up to accept only those who have been slated for “higher” education by the public school system. Testing has already commenced to see if your child is ready for college or a trade school.

We already see that education while publically funded is controlled completely by the State. Teachers have become an extension of the State educational system because they are trained by, certified by, and  paid by the State. Since jobs must be justified within such a system, public educators no longer teach to make sure all students are trained to their highest individual potential, but rather to make sure their union jobs are secure and protected. Public Education is not “for the children” anymore.

Since everyone must benefit the State in some way, unions hold a huge sway in the Communistic ideal. Why do you think Democrats talk so much about “manufacturing jobs?” Most manufacturing jobs are unionized. Unions therefore support the State. Jobs are not based on the value of supply and demand, but on the government making sure everyone is working and that they belong to a union. This means each person can only do one specific job and someone else does a different specific one, and so on. For example there would be only certain State-picked unionized individuals who make bricks, others to carry the bricks, others to stack the bricks, and still others who would mortar the bricks, while there would be still others to make sure the bricks were drying properly, and so on. Bricks would be made whether they were needed or not because everyone must be kept busy for the good of the State and the demands of the union. And if you need to lay anyone off, you would still pay them to be laid off! However, those who worked would have to also support those who do not work. And since you live for the good of the State, the State will take from those who work and give equally to those who do not. Again, everyone should “work according to their ability and give to each according to his need.”

The State exists and will take care of you. You should enjoy giving up your personal wealth to support the State. Remember, personal materialism is evil because it takes away from the ultimate benefit of the State. The State should therefore control every area of your life. Healthcare would be given out only to those who could most benefit the State. Social engineering of how many children, what sex, and how they are educated would be a State consideration. Property rights, personal protection, individual ownership, free movement, education, recreation, and choices would be made for you. Where you shop, how you shop, and what you buy would be dictated by how it benefits the State. Do not believe me? Then why are we being told that unless we turn our heat down, wear sweaters, ride bicycles or mass transit, and make sure our tires are inflated properly we are hurting our country? Why are people forced to use cloth grocery bags instead of plastic or paper, or why are you forced to recycle? Where you smoke, when you smoke, or if you should even ever consider smoking, but just in case you do — we will tax your smokes too! You may immediately answer, “Well, it’s for the good of everybody!” My dear reader, that means it is for the good of the “State,” and you no longer have a personal choice in the matter.

Obama related that Democrats “measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage; whether you can put a little extra money away at the end of each month so you can someday watch your child receive her college diploma.” Isn’t this the same old “everyone should work according to their ability and give to each according to his need?” Honestly, should “the needs of the (unproductive) few outweigh the needs of the (hard working) many?”

Ask yourself, “Is it the State’s job to insure I have work or an education, or is it my responsibility as a parent and mature adult?” If you want the government to find you job, help pay your mortgage, and insure your child gets a college education – where do you think the money for these things will come from? And if this is everyone’s “right” who will end up paying for those who are not productive? Obama related that it is “our moral obligation to provide every child a world-class education.” Why? He also related that he would “not settle for an America where some kids don’t have that chance. I’ll invest in early childhood education. I’ll recruit an army of new teachers, and pay them higher salaries and give them more support.” With whose money? Obama wants your tiny preschooler to publically program. This is basically a promise to the State teachers unions to keep the status quo and to expand their power base!

Obama also related that he would “go through the federal budget, line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less,” but has any politician ever done this? Especially a Democrat? Government has only expanded and taxes have gone up under Democrats. Using class envy may make you feel better for now, but in the end you will pay for the tax in some way. The redistribution of wealth by government does not work. It is Communism and it has failed.

Read the two speeches from both candidates like I did. Why? Words mean things. As you read them look to see which one speaks to the heart of America that has made this a great nation. Notice which speaks to capitalism or communism. Personal freedom or governmental control. Yep, it is important to understand Communism in our day and age.

NOTE: This article is copyrighted by Lee Hemen © 2008 and the property of Lee Hemen. You are welcome to copy it, email it, or use it but please if you copy it, email it, or use it you must do so in its entirety.



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13 responses to “Understanding Neo-Communism…

  1. Nikolai

    I can only say that it is not as ungodly as you say it is.
    Jesus and the 12 Apostles lived together, slept together, ate together, gathered their money up for one another, practiced the very things which Lenin and Marx called proper anti-Bourgeois techniques in their time, such as chastity (called overindulgence in sex to be bourgeois; over materialistic attitudes, do you think apostles owned the greatest golden chariots when they lived?).

    It is more fundamentally God-like than you make it out to be. It does not need to hold true 100% to the bible and use the bible as its manifesto to show it believes in Bible-like qualities.

    • You are doing what a lot of people do who do not understand the true spirituality of Christianity vs. the individual slavery of Communism.

      Communism is NOT the communal-ism we find in the New Testament whereby folks agreed to share what they had out of their own willingness and it is NOT the concept of koinonia as we find in the spiritual interconnection of the early church. Communism is the total take over and enslavement of people’s lives by governmental force. Nowhere in Jesus’ teachings do you find Him endorsing this kind of intellectual and individual slavery.

      Some liberal theologians have tried in the past to equate the concept of Christian koinonia as found in the early local church with man-made ungodly Communism and it is called Liberation Theology. It is heresy.

  2. Brandon

    I stumbled on your article, and almost choked from laughing. Communism is not the ferocious devil that you make it out to be. Communism is not anti-Christian, it is anti- capitalism. Many people would even say that capitalism and Christianity go hand in hand. What is that saying about Christianity to be supportive of a society that is based on economic progress? In a society where the rich get richer and the poor continue to get poorer? Communism believes in an equality of people, to eliminate social classes and to have one single working class. Go read a book. Anarchism, too, is not bad. Anarchism in itself supports complete freedom. What is bad about that? Please. Enlighten me, Enlightened One.

    • I am glad you did not choke, but Communism is the “ferocious devil” (your words) that it has always shown itself to be. Everywhere it has been tried it has been anti-Christian. To actually believe that “Communism believes in an equality of people, to eliminate social classes and to have one single working class,” is not only naive but just plain ignorant of actual history. The millions who were tortured, murdered, and simply done away with under every Communist regime begs to differ. Of course, I guess one could say that this is one way Communism levels the playing field by eliminating any opposition. Having a head knowledge or a fine sounding definition does not prove the horrendous nature of Communism, the actual facts of its history does.

      Complete freedom means that I can come and kill you simply because I want to, “What is bad about that?” Well, what do you know? That is exactly what Communism has done everywhere it has been tried!

      • Vedrick

        It is true that Communist countries have killed millions (aka Soviet Russia under the rule of Stalin). That is one example.

        Capitalism has also claimed millions more lives than communism ever had. This is a fact. We know this to be true, because Communism is a new thought process, developed only a few hundred years ago, with little to no time for anyone to screw it up. Capitalism has existed pre-AD era, and has greed as a fundamental ideology.

        While we’re on this topic, I might as well go a bit further and say that the Holy Crusades, along with other mass-genocide (directly caused by the Christian faith), have amounted to several billion deaths. Hitler slaughtered 11 million. We know Hitler and Stalin were evil people. What was that third thing?

        I never remember anyone being killed in the name of Atheism… Huh, fun.

      • Your rather all encompassing statement concerning capitalism is silly argument to use. One could readily give historical examples of pre-existent communism as well and how they took “millions of lives.” In fact, it was the direct results of early communism on both the settler’s and natives that depleted and killed thousands of early settlers and then millions of native Americans. Your argument concerning the Crusades is in fact dead wrong. (Pun intended.) The Crusades were the direct result of Muslim violent aggression that has already taken by force most of the known world. To state the death toll was in the “billions” is patently and historically absurd because the total population of the known world for that entire period of time, which lasted several hundred years hardly surpassed a billion. The plague, which lasted about as long took way more lives.

        Hitler was a socialist and believed in National socialism, a form of communism. Both he and Stalin were avowed atheists believing that the state was the highest order for good. Since communism states that there is no higher authority than the state, it is a form of atheism. So, yes Virginia.. umm… Vedrick atheists have killed millions. No one that I know of in credible academia disputes this.

        Know one knows for sure exactly how many deaths communism has caused because the dead tolls that were kept by communistic regimes number in the millions and there were many times more tortures, deaths, and disappearance that were left unrecorded. Recently there was a new burial ground discovered in Russia from the Stalin era that know one had known or spoken of that was rediscovered. They are not sure how many bodies it contains and many of the gulag sites have been destroyed.

  3. Yvi

    This is a fantastic article, pastorblastor. I’ve read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago and I advocate that anyone who supports the theory of Communism but is not familiar with its practice should read it too. I am currently writing an essay about Communism. The question I’m asked to answer is: “Why is it important to have an understanding of Communism? Name some ideas that are foundational to Communism.” Your article has given me a lot of material to work with. Not that I’m going to plagiarize, even though ‘from each according to his ability to each according to need’ would advocate that your writing ability should supply my need to hand in a good essay. You’re right in saying that Communism is still a force to be reckoned with today. It is a humanistic trap, and the epitome of rebelling against God. It makes me think about how people behaved with the Tower of Babel – building themselves a nice ‘Utopian’ dwelling.
    Thanks for writing.

  4. Vedrick

    Capitalism conflicted with some of the original core beliefs in the Old Testament, as well as in the Bible.

    • You, as many do, confuse mankind’s sinful nature with what God’s true purpose is. Capitalism is not an evil thing, but greed for the sake of greed is. God never said people should not or could not gain for themselves a higher standard of living through hard work, investment, buying and selling. In fact, God lays out some very good guidelines for personal stewardship and said he would bless those who followed them. We see this with Abraham, Jacob, Issac, Moses, Job, and others. Jesus reminded us through Paul that it is the “love of money that is the root of all evil,” not money itself nor the gaining of wealth. If you want to make a case about those who do not use their wealth appropriately, fine, but to lump everyone the same is an old tired argument that simply is without foundation. Studies have proven over and over that without the generous nature of multitudes of capitalists most charities of all kinds would falter and die. Few atheists I know neither give of their time, talents, or treasure to charities or to help those in need. It is from the largess and compassionate nature of Christianity that most of the charities of the world are supported. In fact, it is capitalist America that gives the vast majority to organizations around the world.

  5. Infrastation

    You have Communism all wrong and confused. Communism is the belief that everything belongs to everybody. You are talking about Nationalist (the country is more important than anything) Communism. Neo-Communism believes that government (ie the country) is the most corrupt thing out there. They’re both Communist, but radically different.

    • My core definition comes from Karl Marx, the cpusa web site, and Wikipedia. You are confusing communalism with communism. “Its focus is the teaching that the individual does not exist, only the community (State) does because for Communism ‘man’ is reduced to a communal ideal. What is best for the individual, is first and foremost what is best for the State. Man exists for the State and is dependent upon the State to take care of him.” By definition “everybody” for communism is the “state”, the proletariat. My article was not written to argue differing opinions of what is or is not communism, because there is no agreement often among those who think they are communist, but rather to display the new communism, neo-communism, that has reared its ugly head in the recent political scene. However, Obama’s neo-communism also derives its ugly nature from anti-colonialism mixed with liberation socialism.

  6. Sophie

    Capitalism or communism? Which one to choose. Well, unfortunately neither system is worthy or reflects the kingdom of God. Capitalism works for a while but eventually you get mega corporation greed which takes over the little independant grocer (for example) on your street corner and pushes him to the ground as he can’t compete. The game of Monopoly is a perfect example of how capitalism evolves into mega corporate greed which also enslaves people….badly. The fruit of capitalism is material lust…which is not a virtue. We are saying to God that we don’t need him or want him…..we just want a big screen tv or new car to make us happy.

    Communism/socialism sounds nice at first but history has proven that it does not work either. It is based on atheism. Enough said.

    The truth is that Babylon (capitalist western world, primarily America) will be destroyed by the neo communist empire….the New World Order. This revived form of communism will be defeated by Jesus himself.

  7. Hi, I´m writing a philosophical work which I want to entitle: Neo-communism. To do this I searched this term online, just to check if there aren´t similar concepts and ideas already developed. That´s how I found your article. I agree on your criticism of communism, but I’d like to propose a new definition of neo-commmunism, taking into account all of your criticisms to change it. For starters, I propose you and your readers to take a look at some of my ideas, and contribute to my new socio-economic philosophy with your comments. http://literaryechoes.com/blog/2016/06/20/malnutrition-economy-and-society-by-juan-m-s/ Thank you.

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