Biden Pales Next to Palin!

By Lee Hemen

August 29, 2008

After watching about 10 minutes of Barack Obama during the Democratic National Convention, I was reminded of why I left the Democratic Party decades ago. I agree with Thaddeus McCotter on who wrote that Obama’s “chorus of leftist tripe: namely, America is going down the dumper; Republicans are holding the plunger; and, to save you from yourself, Americans need a nanny state” is the same old same old from Democrats. It is absolutely laughable since they chose “Change” as their one word motto for the election and yet Obama picks Biden who is the quintessential political hack who has been in politics so long he does not know anything else. He is a walking political cliché machine, who told American voters he did not think Barack Obama was “qualified to be President.” According to the found that just 17 percent of American voters approve of the job lawmakers are doing, while 74 percent disapprove. And Obama picks Biden? How utterly incredulous is that?

I have to admit that McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for Veep is not only a bold move but shows his supposedly “Maverick” brand. Palin has fought big oil, Congress, and corruption by old time politics in her own State. She is extremely well liked in Alaska with about an 80% approval rating. She is behind a natural gas line in her State that could be connected to Washington State which would bring in thousands of new jobs, except for the narrow-mindedness of Democrats like Gregoire, Murray, and Cantwell. In fact, Jerry Bower writes that “It means that drill, drill, drill gets stronger. Sarah knows this stuff inside and out. She can back McCain in the defense of drilling, transporting and refining oil. She puts ANWR back on the map. Who knows it better than the governor of Alaska?” And he is correct. Any energy plan must include getting America as independent as possible from foreign oil. Certainly we will buy energy from other nations, but America needs not just energy alternatives, but a consistent assured future supply of oil for medical supplies, medicine, chemicals, tires, roads, roofs, plastics, and on and on.

But the issue of Palin as Veep also tells the women of America that you can have it all. You can raise five children, maintain your inner and outward beauty, and be a dynamic national leader. Her devotion to her family and her devotion to her country is proudly displayed. Her own son is headed for Iraq. She is a hard-working, gun-loving, devoted, and religious woman who loves to hunt and fish. As Rush Limbaugh says, “Babies, guns, and Jesus!” Liberal angry women will be jealous of her.

Let’s see, we have the choice between a black Armani-suited neo-communist newbie with a slick coiffed political hack or an mature war hero Maverick and a dynamic Governor. Honestly now, who would you rather have as President and Vice President? To be honest with you, I think I have found a fantastic reason why I will vote this coming November.

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One response to “Biden Pales Next to Palin!

  1. Good points. I was just watching the announcement of Palin. I am very impressed with her. I think it was an excellent move on McCain’s part. It’s also a more conservative approach to getting a woman in the Whitehouse.

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