China, Communism All Dressed Up In Olympic Garb

by Lee Hemen
August 10, 2008

As we independent and freedom loving Americans stare into our TV sets, while eating our potato chips, drinking Coca-Cola, and are mesmerized by the flickering images of synchronized drumming, huge fireworks displays, and underage athletes whipping their frail little bodies across a gymnasium floor; we should not forget what Communist China has brought to the world to date. Namely the silence, oppression, and systematic murder and torture of literally millions of people. Do not forget that this nation whereby the select few enjoy prosperity, it is on the backs of literally hundreds of millions of impoverished peasants living in substandard conditions in a nation that does not care about human life, the environment, or anything other than the State and lining its pockets. Much of the Olympic venue buildings were built over the torn down homes of peasants who were forced off their property at the threat of bulldozer blades backed by guns. They were given little or nothing in return because all property belongs to the Chinese State. This should be a sobering word of warning for those of you who are considering voting Democrat in November. Much of the Democratic platform since the 1970s has as its basis these same communistic socialist foundations.

NBC tried to pull off a puff piece on the history of acrobatics in China, but they failed to let you know the extent that China takes its children at extremely young ages and programs them into robotic automations that have to do every dive, jump, and program with perfection. Failure is not an option. This is not a volunteer system. However, what is more disturbing is the fact of the total disregard for China’s horrendous history. China is not the diverse-driven nation, proud of its myriad heritage that it wants the world to blindly see with these Olympics. It openly oppresses those who do not strictly conform to the party line, desiring its people to be unified in thought and motivation. The State is everything and you as an individual are nothing. This includes any religious or ethnic group that does not conform to the Communistic ideal. Slave labor camps have claimed tens of millions of lives. Literally millions of landlords, better-off peasants, dissidents, teachers, professors, students, officials, professionals, former civil servants, and other “counter-revolutionaries” were executed or simply disappeared. Numerical estimates are difficult to make because China does not want to discuss its true history, but probably add up to about 10-15 million. A small percentage of its billions, but significant and sobering in its scope.

While the focus has been on China’s air pollution, no one has mentioned exactly why it is so horrendous. China has little to no pollution controls and ignores and does not enforce the few it does have. This is one of many reasons why America should never sign or agree to the Kyoto Accords. China pollutes at will its rivers, oceans, land, and air. Its autos have no pollution control devices and do not have to conform to any air quality standards. Its factories belch out hardcore toxins and its cities dump sewage at will. It views it citizenry in the same fashion as lab rats to experiment on at will for the good of the Chinese elite. While China is enjoying a new found prosperity, it is only found by a few while the majority of its population suffers in peasant poverty. China’s new ruling class enjoys is riches at the whim of its ruling bosses and on the shoulders of its poor. It is one step away from being another gangster-driven Russia and hides its dirty dealings through high-end bribery, Chinese efficiency, and the hard rule of its party bosses. While liberal ignoramuses make much of Nike or Wal-Mart factories abusing Chinese citizens, they fail to relate that it is with the wholehearted endorsement of a corrupt Communist government. This is why China sees no wrong in sending the world its lead-laden toys or toxic foods. The needs of the few outweigh the murders of the many.

I found it very interesting how while China was desperately wanting to show the world a new face to Communism, Russia has shown its true nature during these “peaceful” Olympic games by “thuging” its way back into Georgia. Anyone notice how silent China has been? Make no mistake under its neo-rich garb, China is still Communist and holds a tight reign on its people. Never be excited about exchanging the truth for a lie no matter how well it tries to dress itself up to the rest of the world. China is a oppressive society that does not like to be questioned or held accountable for its true actions. These Olympics will do nothing for the billions of people held under the harsh hand of Communist China except to appease the masses for a while as their athletes win gold.

NOTE: This article is copyrighted by Pastor Lee Hemen © 2008 and the property of Pastor Lee Hemen. You are welcome to copy it, email it, or use it but please if you copy it, email it, or use it you must do so in its entirety.


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  1. i wish more people read your post.

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