Today’s Thoughts, 2 Corinthians 7:6

Pastor Lee Hemen
February 20, 2008

But God, who comforts the downcast, comforted us… (2 Corinthians 7:6)

Spurgeon wrote that “It is marvelous how one sweet word of God will make whole songs for Christians.” Sadly, too many have forgotten this truth. Instead, we depend upon circumstances, people, our church, or material things to make us happy in the Lord. We have forgotten that the words of God are found in a daily devotion to Him. I know, I am discovering this anew like the fresh rain water on a hot summer’s day.

The gold of God is discovered not by picking up the few crumbs others have left behind, but rather in our own treasure hunt as we find Him and listen to His voice. Today, if your soul is weary, hurt, or you just need some kind word from the Lord, ask Him, go to Him, run to Him, and seek His comfort. When we are at our deepest need He is always ready to meet it and like Paul, who despaired if anyone cared for the work he was doing, God sent him someone to comfort him when he asked. Titus, Paul’s friend and fellow pastor in the Lord, came to his aide when all others were not available. Paul saw it as the providence of the Lord. His Jehovah-rophi.

Who is your comforter today? Who will you turn to? Go to Him now and spend some time with the One who created you and knows you like no other does. There you will find comfort for your soul. And with Paul you will sing, “But God, who comforted the downcast, comforted me…”

NOTE: This article is copyrighted by Pastor Lee Hemen © 2008 and the property of Pastor Lee Hemen. You are welcome to copy it, email it, or use it but please if you copy it, email it, or use it you must do so in its entirety. This devotional will follow Morning by Morning by C H Spurgeon. You may use it however you desire.

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