The Fornification of the Faith

By Pastor Lee Hemen
June 11, 2007

In a recent article by columnist Dr. Mike Adams, he related that “the underpinnings of modern feminism was actually fostered by a biologist who once made a very candid remark about the foundation of his support of Darwinism. When asked about the lack of evidence supporting Darwinism – the fossil record, etc. – he confessed there was a very human reason for his faith in evolutionary theory despite the lack of scientific evidence. He confessed that if Darwinism were not true, he wouldn’t be able to sleep around.” What struck me about this comment is that this goes to the very heart of much of modern Christianity as it is played out on Sunday mornings across America. The reason so many churches grow to the extent they do is simply because if people were held accountable for what they truly believed, they would not be able to spiritually “sleep around.”

The notion that larger churches are larger because people can get more bang for their buck carries some weight as well, except that most who attend a larger neo-Christian mega church, do not even remotely tithe. In fact, according to recent studies, less than 3% do. So the bang for their buck is even greater because these folks are practicing a form of spiritual welfare. The needs of the many are paid for by the few. Add to this the stewardship of time and talent that is supposed to be mentored, developed, and used for the glory of God — but is not — and you get an immigration policy that is more open than the boarders of the United States! Relatively few people are used or developed passed their “position” in the company. To appease those who are “go getters,” they are offered spiritual ministry vacations packages. Here they can feel spiritually worthy of their shallow spirituality and not worry about the multitudes back home that are run through the auditorium doors. When you are in a foreign land building a brick wall you feel less connected to those going to hell that collectively sit mesmerized back home.

The idea that evangelicals have brought the world into the church is one that has been debated for decades, if not centuries. Yet never before in the history of the Christian church have we seen the wholesale slaughter of spiritual concepts at the altar of selfishness. The primary focus of the emergent church or mega church growth movement is not the health and welfare of the individual believer, but rather the selling of a product at the cheapest price possible for the spiritual consumer: “How do we get the world through the doors without offending as many as possible and how do we keep them in their seats week after week?” This “price” is greased along by the methods in which it is sold to the community at large. In fact, most companies (churches) now try to find the latest consumer price index for getting as many posteriors into the pew with the latest and cheapest gimmick. We find churches moving into the dimmed darkened tele-evangelist industry by selling their worship product on the big screen. The Regal cinematic approach to couch potatoes. What these Wal-Marted enthusiasts have forgotten is that they are held spiritually accountable for every body through the door. Even those that do not return, the multitudes who fall through the cracks, and those who never develop past spiritual puberty. Church is not a business to be run. It deals with more than numbers and God is not mocked.

The monster they have created will infect and spiritually demoralize literally hundreds of thousands of people in the future, if not millions. Having tried the “product” being sold by these purveyors of spiritual porn, and not getting anything out of it for themselves, they will go on to the next “big thing” looking for their holy grail.

The biblical church is totally non-existent. A person becomes a member of an ethereal community that holds no loyalty, requires no commitment, and has not accountability. A Paris Hilton approach to the spiritual life. It is the easiest form of theocracy with no requirements. Believe what you want and come when you want — just come and you are a believer in Jesus! And, you can do so because no one at any time will ever question you, your attendance, your commitment, or your faith practice. After all, isn’t this what worship is truly all about? You?

No matter how these churches try to justify their commitment to commercialism and say it is worship, the focus is not on the Lord but always has an eye first on the consumer. Worship is more than a prepackaged product done well. When it does, it may succeed in the numbed numbers of rear ends in the seats, but fails in eternity. Many who have bought into the product line will die in their sin and the blame is squarely on the modern marketers who encourage people to spiritually sleep around.

This article is copyrighted by Pastor Lee Hemen © 2007 and the property of Pastor Lee Hemen. You are welcome to copy it, email it, or use it but if you copy it, email it, or use it you must do so in its entirety.


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