The Real Silencing of the Lambs!

by Pastor Lee Hemen
April 23, 2007

Harry R. Jackson Jr., writes about HR 1592 that has gone before Congress. He noted that “As the nation mourned last week, HR 1592 ‘Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007’ was being discussed in a congressional subcommittee. The points that I have brought up were discussed and dismissed. Next week, the subcommittee is scheduled to bring its report back to the full committee. This legislation will grant protected status to ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity.’ Further, it will mandate unequal protection under the law and will pave the way for the criminalization of thoughts and religious beliefs contrary to ‘politically correct’ ideas.”

Not wanting to rely on others to inform me of exactly what something says, I went and read this bill at and guess what? – Jackson is correct in his assessment. The Bill refers to “hate crimes” within its body and hate crimes are defined by other laws it makes reference to as being “verbal.” The Bill goes on to define other issues such as hate speech but also codes of conduct which are implicitly implied within its context. It was meant to. DO NOT be mislead. This is a step toward regulating what is spoken in the pulpits of America.

The homosexual community always declare and decry that they want “freedom” for themselves but to heck with anyone who might dare oppose their immoral proclivity. Here in Washington State we have witnessed Jim Moeller, a gay activist and State Representative, force his lifestyle guilt onto the Democrats and make it their own. After Washingtonians voted overwhelmingly to not endorse gay marriage, Moeller did an end around and now has gays rights legislation enforced by State governmental mandate. As the Borg on TV’s Star Trek Voyager would say, “You will comply. Resistance is futile.” He has openly declared that his goal is to make people endorse gay marriage and the gay lifestyle. Notice the word “make.”

The Bible makes it pretty clear that ungodliness loves company by getting as many involved with its sinful condition as possible to massage their own ungodly guilt. Voices who oppose these purveyors of porn for what they truly are must be silenced. “Biblophobes” or “Christophobes” (my words) always work this way, demanding freedoms for themselves, but regulating anything that might display for the world the true nature of their ungodly behaviors.

What will be next, will we have to run our sermons by a local religious social tolerance committee first? Will we only be allowed to worship in state approved congregations and listen to only state approved preachers? Will we begin to have to declare ourselves by wearing certain markings on our clothing, foreheads, and arms?

Think for a moment about the consequences of even a bill suggesting only what some say this one does. We would not have had the sermons of the this nation that called people to defend their hearths and homes from British rule. We would not have had the rousing sermons that declared slavery as ungodly and a crime against humanity. We would not have had the likes of John Brown who was willing to die for abolition or the sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr. that declared a “holy war” on racial intolerance. Albeit a peaceful one, King would be branded as hateful by the sheer meaning of his words according to this document of Congress. Nor would we have heard the call to arms by America’s preachers against the horrors of Nazism and communism.

The clarion call of conscience has always come from the pulpits of America and the world. When people want to silence them, for whatever deemed “noble” perverted reason, beware, be informed, and be watchful. You may not like what a pastor preaches, but you should always fight for the right of any preacher to preach what he believes is laid on his heart by God. And yes, this may mean there are those who are cultic, nutty, and who may espouse a message you disagree with, but better this than the silencing of America’s pulpits in any disguised form in the name of “political correctness.”

It is time for churches to be churches and stop being social watering holes for the weekend wanderer where cheap babysitting and soothing social entertainment is found. Church is to be more than a pep rally to make you feel good on Sunday morning – it must be the place whereby God is worshiped, the Savior is exalted, and God’s people are reminded of their responsibilities to live holy lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.

This bill is nothing more than a thinly disguised way to silence God’s lambs. Sadly, it may be the outcome of a church that has allowed its message to be hijacked without a fight. The message of the cross declares and always exposes sin for what it is and churches that do not call their people to action are worthless no matter the numbers through the doors, the songs sung, the video messages projected, or the arms waved in hypnotic reverence.

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